Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes Online - How to Get the Best Price

If Google Online Car Insurance Quotes End Where Can You Turn
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Online Ways to Get a Good Car Insurance Price

When you search online for a car insurance quote, you get results from several sources, such as:

  • paid ads by insurers or companies trying to attract new business
  • local businesses who will pop up based on your location when you search for quotes
  • third party companies who are in the business of negotiating contracts with insurance providers who provide rates based on your search criteria and quote information, and then connect you with the insurance provider when you like the quote

With all these options to choose from, it is easy to not only get a quote online but even purchase your insurance online in a few clicks once you enter all your information. 

Is the Rate You Got Online Really the Best Car Insurance Rate?

Google successfully compared car insurance quotes in the UK since 2012, under a service called "Google Compare: but they eventually closed their doors in the U.S. and UK, so these days, when you search for the lowest price on car insurance, you are depending largely on whatever the search results serve you.

You aren't necessarily seeing all the best rates because there is no way for every insurance company to pop up and rate your insurance in one spot.

The best advice for finding the lowest insurance pricing is calling your current insurance company to negotiate and ask for a better price and then shopping around online. There are other promotions, discounts or programs that the insurer who gave you "the best price" may be able to add on, or tell you more about. 

The Best Strategy to Get Online Insurance Quotes

Most consumers today research their purchases online to find the best quality and price. Before you buy, you should search relevant, non-biased articles that help you understand how to get the most value for your money, as well as the lowest price for the most coverage.

Online quotes are a great tool to do your research and price shop, but before you make your final purchase it is probably a good idea to speak to a licensed professional that can help you review your needs.

How to Make Your Best Insurance Quote Better

When searching for the best prices online, you might find that online quotes work well for standard situations, but you could get additional advantages to speaking to someone live who can review your situation before pressing that "issue policy" button.

People receiving leads from online quotes are often very motivated to write your policy. They are interested in having the opportunity to insure you. Call them and see what they can do. You might be surprised.

How do Car Insurance Prices Work?

Want to learn more about general factors that may cause car insurance rates to increase or change? Here are general guidelines about basic auto insurance quotes and the strategy behind a rate.

Negotiating and shopping your insurance pricing for your car insurance could save you hundreds of dollars a year. Underwriting and human insight may lead to changes in coverage and discounts offered. The more personalized your quote is, the better it usually gets.

Factors That Make Online Comparison in One Place Difficult

Insurance rules and regulations vary from state to state, and although the base coverages can be easily compared, the value added offerings of each insurer, the endorsements, riders or floaters that can be added, are often not as comparable as you may think. This information can become confusing.

When comparing quotes, you might also reference these two articles that will give a good idea of car insurance prices: 2019 List of Most Expensive Cars to Insure: Is Yours One of These? and Finding the Cheapest Car to Insure When Making a New Car Purchase

Having Trouble Getting a Good Priced Car Insurance Quote Online?

If you have a perfect driving record or a fairly standard one, and your situation is standard, online quoting can be very effective. However, the accuracy of the quote is only as good as the form you are filling in.

The moment special considerations come in like multiple convictions, multiple accidents, various drivers, or non-standard driving history come in, your quote is only as good as the accuracy you had when filling in the forms.

If the quote factors you entered are not clear, a quote may be halted by the insurer system, and a message may appear stating you have to call in for a quote based on the details provided.

New Drivers or People Moving to the US, May Not the Best Insurance Price Online

Having a letter of claims experience from a foreign country may reduce your rate greatly, but if the standard online quote form is not programmed to take that information, your rate may be off.

As another example, new drivers who completed drivers ed, or took defensive driving: If the system you quoted with is not programmed to recognize this properly, your rate may be off. 

The human intervention at this stage makes key differences in the quality of the coverage you obtain and often leads to better rates. 

Insurance Scoring Issues and Rating

Insurance companies use several factors besides just your car to decide what kind of client you are going to be and how likely it is that you will have a claim. If your personal criteria indicate a lower risk, then your pricing goes down. However, sometimes factors used in Insurance scoring and rating require more explanation. For example, people often suffer credit hits when going through a divorce, if your insurance company uses credit rating in their insurance scoring this could hurt you. A discussion with an insurance professional may help clarify the situation and revise the rates for you.

If you moved around a lot or are living in an area that is not ideal for the insurance scoring or rating of your "risk" it may be worth speaking to a licensed professional to understand more about this and if this is impacting your rate more than you realize.

We are a consumer-driven society. People are empowered with more knowledge and capability than ever before. Online quoting sites and car insurance providers are adapting to try and serve clients, so if you can do your shopping online and get some price comparisons, it is a good starting point to finding the lowest insurance.