Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes Online - How to Get the Best Price

Even Though Google No Longer Offers Online Quotes There Are Still Advantages

If Google Online Car Insurance Quotes End Where Can You Turn
Online Car Insurance Can Be a Tricky Business. WestEnd61 / 597066289 / Getty Images

Although Google successfully compared car insurance quotes in the UK since 2012, Google Compare closed its "doors" in the U.S. and UK. Yet people still successfully manage to research and find quotes online through various online quoting sites. This can help find the best insurance rate.

The Best Strategy to Get Online Insurance Quotes

Most consumers today research their purchases online to find the best quality and price.

Before you buy, you should search relevant, non-biased articles that help you understand how to get the most value for your money, as well as the lowest price for the most coverage.

Online quotes are a great tool to do your research and price shop, but before you make your final purchase it is probably a good idea to speak to a licensed professional that can help you review your needs.

The Complexity of Auto Insurance Ratings for the Best Online Quotes

You might find yourself wondering why Google no longer offers online quotes for auto insurance. There is no definite way to know, but the complexity of auto insurance and the variance in conditions across different insurers and states might be at the core of Google's retreat.

How to Make Your Best Insurance Quote Better

When searching for the best prices online, you might find that online quotes work well for standard situations, but you could get additional advantages to speaking to someone live who can review your situation before pressing that "issue policy" button.

How to Get the Best Online Car Insurance Price

The answer to this question is quite complex, in order to help people understand general factors that may cause car insurance rates to increase or change, we can share general guidelines about basic auto insurance quotes and the strategy behind a rate.

In the end, it is an insurance professional licensed in a consumer's specific region that may hold the answers on how to get the best rates across insurers.

Underwriting and human insight often drive changes in coverage and discounts offered. The more personalized your quote is, the better it usually gets. An online quote can only go so far, which is why you will often get a call after requesting a quote, or a message telling you to call for more info.

In Insurance Rate Calculations There is No "One Rule," It's Why People Shop

People look for one answer in trying to find insurance quotes. The reality is that there are so many factors varying in the calculations, that although the base calculations for each insurer can be quite precise, the impact of several external factors, including an insurer's flexibility or deviation of rates make a "black and white" comparison quite challenging.

Factors That Make Online Comparison In One Place Difficult

Insurance rules and regulations vary from state to state, and although the base coverages can be easily compared, the value added offerings of each insurer, the endorsements, riders or floaters that can be added, are often not as comparable as you may think. This information can become confusing.

Are Online Quotes Accurate? Where Do People Run Into Trouble With an Online Car Quote?

If you have a perfect driving record or a fairly standard one, and your situation is standard, online quoting can be very effective.

However, the accuracy of the quote is only as good as the form you are filling in.

The moment special considerations come in like multiple convictions, multiple accidents, various drivers, or non-standard driving history come in, your quote is only as good as the accuracy you had when filling in the forms.

If the quote factors you entered are not clear.  a quote may be halted by the insurer system, and a message may appear stating you have to call in for a quote, or they are unable to quote, based on the details provided. 

The human intervention at this stage makes key differences on the quality of coverage you obtain and often leads to better rates. 

Why Insurance Companies are a Tough Act to Follow

Insurers regularly innovate to find that competitive edge and create product differentiators. 

New programs like Usage Based Insurance and rating criteria like Credit Scoring  are two examples.

Loss experiences, profitability and unpredictable external factors like weather patterns, the emergence of new consumer usage, like the introduction of ride share services and the collaborative economy, place this industry in a constant state of change and innovation as insurers scramble to meet their own target market's needs.

Does Google's Exit on Online Quotes Mean the Beginning of the End for Online Car Insurance Quotes?

Not at all. We are a consumer driven society. People are empowered with more knowledge and capability than ever before. Online quoting sites and car insurance providers are adapting to try and serve clients, so if you can do your shopping online and get some price comparisons, it is a good starting point to finding the lowest insurance.