Google Apps for Accounting

Companies of all sizes are switching from familiar office suites that run on desktop computers to online business apps like Google Apps.

The Google Apps Marketplace has a good selection of accounting and finance apps that work with Docs, Calendar and other Google Apps services. Here are some of the best apps for managing small, medium and large businesses.

These apps vary in what they do best, so choose based on the size of your business and your specific needs.

FreeAgent Online Accounting Software

FreeAgent manages invoicing, expenses and time tracking with real-time accounts and tax reports.
Free Agent Accounting Software FreeAgent Central

FreeAgent is online accounting software for freelancers and small businesses. FreeAgent manages invoicing, expenses and time tracking with real-time accounts and tax reports. FreeAgent integrates with Google Contacts and Google Calendar. More

FreshBooks Online Billing and Bookkeeping

FreshBooks creates recurring and one-time invoices, manages contractors, time reports and expenses.
FreshBooks Online Accounting Software FreshBooks is a service of 2ndSite Inc.

FreshBooks is a popular online accounting software for small to large businesses. FreshBooks creates recurring and individual invoices, manages contractors, time reporting and expense tracking.  More

Intuit Online Payroll for Google Apps

Intuit Online Payroll has free live support from payroll experts.
Intuit Online Payroll Intuit, Inc.

Intuit Online Payroll has free live support from payroll experts and can be integrated with Gmail, Google Calendar and Documents. This app runs payroll, prints checks and e-files taxes.  More

Expensify Online Expense Reporting

Expensify - Expense Reports That Don't Suck
Expensify Expensify, Inc.

Expensify's tagline is "Expense Reports That Don't Suck." Use Expensify to automate expense report data entry by importing expenses (many with a guaranteed eReceipt) directly from 94 percent of all credit cards offered in the U.S. Expensify tracks time, mileage and cash expenses on the go and creates online expense reports. Employees can be reimbursed by credit card or direct deposit. Expenses can also be exported to QuickBooks or linked to SalesForce accounts. More

Shoeboxed Receipt Management

Shoeboxed organizes and stores receipts you scan yourself on a free website.
Manage Receipts with Shoeboxed Copyright Shoeboxed Inc., All Rights Reserved

Scan receipts and send them electronically to Shoeboxed to organize and store them online. Other methods of submitting receipt images and data to a Shoeboxed account are via email, iPhone or digital camera. Or mail receipts in and have Shoeboxed do the scanning and data entry for you. This app also imports financial data into like Quicken, Quickbooks, and FreshBooks. More

Rhino Accounting Free Google Accounting App

Rhino Accounting is free online accounting software for small businesses that can create invoices as a PDF so they can be sent electronically. Reports are viewed in Google Docs and invoices can be sent using Gmail. Rhino Accounting is also integrated with Google Contacts. This app supports the dollar, pound, euro and yen. More

Accounting by Wave

This Wave app provides software for invoicing and accounting to make life easier for small business owners. The software includes templates for invoicing that can be customized with your logo for a professional look. The Wave app can be linked to credit card and bank accounts for quick and seamless transactions. It also includes receipt scanning tools so you can import that data. In addition, Wave also has personal finance tools, which can be separated from the business aspects, so you get two for one with this app. More