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Email Example to Send a Goodbye Message to Colleagues

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When you have decided to leave a company, it is a good idea to say goodbye to your co-workers and colleagues. Sending an email to each co-worker is a great way to say goodbye. It is also an effective way to stay connected; you want to keep your colleagues in your professional network, even after you switch jobs. 

Read below for tips on how to say goodbye to your colleagues. You can also use the sample goodbye email below as a template from which to develop your own email to co-workers.

Tips for Sending a Goodbye Letter

  • Tell your boss. If you have decided to leave your job, make sure it is official before you start saying goodbye to co-workers. Tell your boss, make sure any necessary paperwork is signed, and then say your goodbyes.
  • Use email. Saying goodbye to co-workers via email is typically best. You do not need to send official business letters. Email allows you to say goodbye as soon as possible.
  • Send individual emails. Send individual emails, rather than group messages, so that your goodbye message to each colleague is personal. For each individual email, add something personal, such as a memory of a positive experience you shared, or a project you worked on successfully. Only send goodbyes to people you worked with – there is no need to say goodbye to everyone in the company, especially if it is a large business.
  • Keep it brief. You might want to share what you will be doing next in your career, in addition to mentioning some memories you share with that particular co-worker. However, keep the message brief. Do not go into details about why you are leaving the job; depending upon their personalities, different people might interpret your reasons as a slur upon the company or those you have worked with.
  • Include contact information. Include any personal contact information, such as your new email address or phone number, so people can keep in touch. You might also consider connecting with your co-workers on LinkedIn as a way of staying in touch, if you haven’t already.
  • Look at samples. Review sample letters and templates for examples of how to say goodbye. These can help you format your own letter. However, remember to personalize any sample letters to fit your own circumstances.
  • Edit, edit, edit. Be sure to edit each email thoroughly, looking for any typos. Each letter is personal, but it is also a professional business letter.

Sample Goodbye Email Message

Message Subject Line: Sandra Jones Update

Dear Mike,

You may already have heard the news, but I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I am leaving my position here at ABC Company.

I have enjoyed my tenure here and I appreciate having had the opportunity to work with you. I have loved working on group projects with you, and enjoying having lunch with you in the break room. Thank you for the support, guidance, and encouragement you have provided me during my time at ABC.

I would appreciate any continued advice you could provide as I start the next phase of my career.

Please keep in touch. I can be reached at my personal email address ( or via my cell phone - 555-121-2222.

Thanks again for your support.

Best regards,


Cell: 555-121-2222

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