How to Go Beyond Expectations and Astonish Your Global Customers

5 Ways to Astonish Your Customers so They Keep Coming Back!

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Delight your customers beyond all measure. You've sold them your product or service, now astonish them by going way beyond the call of duty. If your global customers want ordinary service, let them do business with your chief rival. Don't waste time worrying about whether they'll appreciate it or not. Let them shop elsewhere and see how bad it really can get. They'll be back, a little humbler and wiser, and eager to do business.

When you give your customers more than they ask for, that's value, and value is hard to walk away from.

Go Beyond Expectations

Here are examples of how to exceed the expectations of customers who are thousands of miles away.

1. Send product samples the same day. If your customer asks for product samples, send them product samples. But send them super fast (efficient!), individually wrapped in colorful tissue paper (memorable!), accompanied by a handwritten note expressing your hope that they find them appealing (personalized!) and a coupon worth 10% off on their first order (extra value!).

2. Arrive at your customer’s door. Say your customer complains that your product’s sales haven’t been too strong. They don’t know if it is due to economic woes, slow consumer acceptance, poor sales strategy, wrong retail placement or all of the above. You have several communications back and forth on what they’ve done and what might still work to boost sales, but nothing beats being on the ground seeing firsthand what’s happening in the country where you wish to do business.

After awhile, how do you respond? You book an airline flight and arrive at your customer’s door. Imagine your customer's surprise! Not only does this show you're invested in their success but also that you are willing to go beyond their expectations in helping them market your product.

3. Acknowledge important events. Sure it’s nice to remember a customer’s birthday or wedding anniversary (if they are willing to be open about personal information like that), but what about awards, nominations, book launches, videos or features in the media?

Here’s how you do it. Set two separate Google Alerts, one with your customer’s name and one with the company name so that every time something good makes the news, you learn about it and can acknowledge it via email to your customer. Nothing beats attention like that, provided you have the same devotion on the business front.

4. Toot your customer’s horn on all your social media platforms. To fully engage your customers without giving away any trade secrets, write about them on all your social platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and even Twitter. It could be in the form of a best practice or an interview with one of your key contacts. This is a great way to reinforce their work on your behalf and energize them to keep moving forward with positive results on your product line.

5. Offer unlimited virtual support. Let’s say you design, manufacture and sell medical imaging and information management devices to hospitals. How do you support it? How will your customers completely understand the full extent of your company’s product capabilities in order to sell it to their local customers? One way is to provide all the service and support your customers need online — through your website offering easy access to downloadable PDF files, 24/7 sales support help, and Skype training.

Going beyond expectations doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s about giving your customers value, or more than they ask for.

These are the things that set an importer/exporter apart from the wanna-be importer/exporter. Customers are impressed by suppliers who go beyond the obvious and safe ways of conducting business. Shouldn't you be thinking of ways to astonish your global customers? Apply even one of these tips and you are sure to WOW your customers.