Gnumeric Review

Screenshot of Gnumeric in Windows 8

Gnumeric is a free spreadsheet program that supports tons of both simple and advanced features, all under an uncomplicated interface.

One of the most unique features in Gnumeric is the ability to auto save a workbook.

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  • Supports regular spreadsheet functions
  • Simple interface
  • Works with common file formats
  • Includes advanced features
  • Supports auto saving


  • Menus can seem cluttered


  • Available for Windows and Linux users (the Linux download is here)
  • Works with Microsoft Excel 2003 and 2007 file types as well as CSV, among many others
  • Gnumeric has an advanced search utility to search strings, comments, expressions, and/or results for a number, plain text, or regular expression in the entire workbook, current sheet, or range of cells
  • Common formatting tools are present, such as typography, color, and alignment changes
  • A sheet manager makes is really easy to lock, hide, remove, duplicate, and color every sheet
  • Data can be sorted, filtered, validated, and imported from a text file
  • Basic things like freezing panes and hiding toolbars are allowed
  • The insert menu lets you add charts, images, functions, comments, hyperlinks, and the current date and time to a sheet
  • A side panel makes it simple to insert list items, frames, and objects
  • Advanced features are found in Gnumeric, such as Statistical Analysis tools and Solver for solving linear programs
  • The height and width of cells, columns, and rows can be set to a particular size or auto fitted
  • A history of recently used files can be viewed
  • Files can be saved automatically as often as every minute
  • An auto correct feature can capitalize the name of days and beginning of sentences
  • You're able to customize the number of undo operations you can perform, with a maximum of 200
  • Plugins can be removed, such as deleting financial interest rate function and HTML export capabilities
  • A very detailed online manual is available

My Thoughts on Gnumeric

Though Gnumeric is simple to move around in, there are so many advanced features that it becomes a bit overwhelming when looking through the menus, which is both a good and a bad thing.

It's good because you may find some unique features that other spreadsheet programs don't have, but bad in that if you're looking for a nice program for just common features, you'll likely get confused quickly.

My favorite feature is probably the auto save function. I think it's absolutely necessary for programs like this where you're normally making changes often.

Stick with Gnumeric if you want advanced features that don't completely obliterate its ease of use, but choose a program like Kingsoft Spreadsheets for all the common, and some advanced, features in a super clean and manageable interface.

Download Gnumeric

Note: You can go here to get the Linux version of Gnumeric.