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Improve Your Interviewing Skills

Some people don't get nervous when they walk into an interview room. They remain calm, cool and collected. Their self-confidence doesn't wane a bit and they sail through the interview.

Then there's the rest of the world who are nervous wrecks. While it may be a character trait that keeps some people calm and others somewhat short of calm during an interview, your performance during a job interview is more about being prepared than it is having the right mindset. 

Asking for a Promotion to Management

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 While you may be getting ready for your first interview or an interview for an entry level job, people throughout the sales industry are interested in honing up their skills.

This includes those who are looking to get into management. Don't think that you can stand on your past experience or success alone when applying for a management. Doing so may give you the erroneous belief that you don't need to prepare for the interview. More

Top 7 Interview Tips

 People love tips and tricks and, for whatever reason, people also love the number 7. So, here are the top 7 tips (sorry, no tricks) to nail your interview.

But remember, tips and tricks are not shortcuts to success nor are they an excuse to not prepare! More

Behavioral Based Interview Questions

 Plenty of hiring managers are turning to behavioral and situational based interview questions. These questions are intended to give the interviewer greater insight into the job candidate. It gives a hiring manager a "sneak peak" into how a particular job candidate will perform under realistic, true-to-life business situations.

These are not easy questions to answer and many job seekers have seen their hopes crumble when struggling to answer these questions.

The best advice you can get when preparing for a behavioral or situational based interview is to make sure you answer briefly and with information fully germane to the question. In other words, don't ramble and stay on point! More

Questions to ask During an Interview

 Speaking as someone who has conducted hundreds of interviews, one of the worst things an interviewee can do is to not ask questions. Virtually every interview ends with the hiring manager asking "do you have any questions for me?" And way too many job candidates are surprised and completely unprepared when they are asked this question. Those who are able to stammer out some questions, usually ask the same, tired questions, like "so when will you be making a decision?" Or, "is there anything else I can do to show you why I am the best candidate for this position?"


Ask questions that you really want to know the answers to. Ask at least one bold question, including, "In your professional opinion, do you feel that I am the sales professional you are looking for?"

Job offers often go to those who ask for the job. More

Some Really Bad Questions You May be Asked!

 Lastly, you should be prepared for some horrible questions. There are still too many hiring managers who really have no place in sales management. These "fish out of water" quickly reveal themselves by asking job candidates to "sell me this pen" or other foolish exercises.

While it may be tough to do, you might want to respond by saying "if you want a pen sales professional, I'm not right for the position. However, if you are looking for someone who can drive revenue and profit, then sell me on this job."

Sure, it's bold and takes courage but you'll put yourself in a powerful position if offered the job. More