How to Get More Email Subscribers for Your Business in 30 Days

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How to Get 1,817 Email Subscribers in Less Than 30 Days

Last year, I launched my first email course on the topic of finding a profitable idea and in the first month after it was live, the free course had gotten me 1,817 email subscribers without spending any money promoting it.

The course was created with the sole purpose of helping me to get more email subscribers from the more than 150,000 monthly readers who were already coming to my blog, reading a single post about side business ideas and then leaving forever.


Although that blog post was generating a lot of traffic for my site, I wasn’t convincing those readers to join my email list where I could then eventually upsell them on an online course that'd be right for their needs. In fact, this post was costing me more in extra hosting charges than it was worth.

How to Find Content Ideas Your Audience Needs

My hypothesis with this online course was that if I could create an insanely valuable piece of gated content that adds more details beyond what my original post was already covering for readers, I’d be able to start turning some of those otherwise one-time readers into email subscribers that'd get more exposure to my content over the coming months.

One of the core tenants of owning an online business is that you can't afford to waste time and money guessing at what you think your customers (or readers) will want. You have to create content that your audience needs.

When it came time to determine what topic I should build my first free online course around, I set aside a few hours to dedicate solely to having conversations with my audience to learn about what their biggest goals are, which is a major component of everything you'll learn in my 23,000 word guide on how to validate a business idea.

The first step was to personally email around 25 email subscribers randomly chosen from my list and ask them to give me feedback on which of the three online course ideas I pitched them on sounded most appealing as a student. My goal was to get to the bottom of what their biggest business-related challenges are.

Here are the three-course topic options I presented them with:

  1. How to Find a Niche Idea

  2. The Ultimate Guide to Validating an Idea

  3. Get Your First 1,000 Subscribers

Since most of my current email subscribers had already come from my detailed post covering over one hundred side business ideas, it makes sense that the majority of them would choose to further their education in terms of finding the right idea that'll help them generate a side income of their own one day.

Making Time for Content Creation

Now that I'd determined what my free course was going to be about, it was time to start the daunting task of creating the content. Since I was still working a full-time job at the time, I only had a few hours before work every weekday to develop the content, structure my worksheets and add the new pages to my blog.

Scheduling clear deadlines and giving myself permission to focus on this one deliverable for all of my side business efforts are two essential components to effectively managing my time when I'm working on a big project.

I looked back through my process for how I've found the best niche ideas in the past and determined that this course would need seven core lessons in order to effectively communicate all of the necessary information my students would need to find their idea. Then, I set a deadline for three weeks away and physically scheduled blocks of time onto my calendar so that I'd committed to bringing this project to life.

By the end of my three week development period, the course felt ready enough for a first round that I knew would be adjusted and enhanced in the future if there was enough demand.

After taking one hour to place a few calls-to-action within my existing blog posts to help drive interested readers over to where they can sign up for the free course, I was ready to go. Now, that free course still generates between 50 and 100 new email subscribers for me each day.