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Cultura/Liam Norris/Riser/Getty Images gives away free magazines to those who qualify and fill out a short survey. The results of the survey are then passed on to the survey sponsor who purchases the magazine for you.

Once you've signed up with, you'll be contacted by email when a new magazine is available. The number of free magazine subscriptions is limited so you need to fill out the survey as soon as possible to make sure you get it before it's gone.

Types of Magazines Available

The magazines given away on are a combination of digital trade magazines that you've probably never heard of and popular newsstand magazines.

The type of magazines you can expect to see at depends on what you qualify for based on your job. Popular magazines that have been given away include Spin, PC World, American Photo, Car and Driver and Psychology Today.

How to Get a Free Magazine

Visit, and either enter your job information in the middle of the page or browse by industry on the left side of the page.

If you qualify for a magazine select it and any other magazines you'd like to receive. If you don't qualify for any, they'll email you when a free magazine fits your profile.

You may also be asked some questions to further qualify for the magazines you've selected. After that you can entering your mailing information.

When to Expect Your Magazine

Most magazines will arrive 6-8 weeks after you've requested them.

It might take longer if the magazine is published bi-monthly or quarterly.

Limits to Be Aware Of

You need to live in the United States or Puerto Rico to be able to get free magazine subscriptions from

How Your Information Is Used uses your personal information to contact you in the future, let magazine publishers contact you and sometimes might even give it to third parties.

You can visit and click on "Privacy Policy" at the bottom of the screen to opt-out of having your information sent to other companies.