Finding the Perfect Domain Name Using a Domain Name Generator

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You're ready to launch a new blog or website, but you are not sure about your domain name. Don't worry, selecting a fantastic business name as a start-up is not easy, given that many of your best choices are often already taken. However, given a name’s importance to start-ups for branding and ultimately profitability, it behooves you to use any tool that can make your name search easier and, ultimately, successful.

For the above-mentioned reasons, domain name generators are increasing in popularity.  You can think of domain name generators as specialized search tools, tools that present a variety array of naming options that you can present to your web registrar and/or hosting company. They are generally easy to use, but not all generators are created equal.

What are distinguishing features of a quality domain name generator? This article points out what I consider important characteristics that you may use as a checklist on your next domain naming effort:

1. Powerful, Popular Sorting and Filtering Options

A strong search tool should deliver many naming options, if not in the thousands at least in the hundreds. It should offer sorting by alphabetical order, and by important categories like popularity and word length. The user's word should ideally be allowed in both prefix and suffix listings (e.g. with the word “golf”, separate listings would deliver discovergolf and golfsenior).

2. A Legend to Categorize Availability

Some domain name generators have a very useful color-coded legend that distinguishes search results, search engine rankings and traffic, and domain names that are available for registration, or already registered with an existing website. Furthermore, an ability to save favored names for future reference will help you avoid search duplication and save time.

3. A Domain Name Generator with a Large Database

The larger your domain name generator's database, the better chance it has to help you find the ideal domain name. Imagine keyword searches in a million word database versus a thousand word database. Chances are that the former database will yield more ideas and better results. 

4. Expanded Search Categories

Here are some search ideas for the ideal domain name generator:

  • Common search: all available names with .com, .org., .net etc.
  • Similar search: antonyms, synonyms, wildcards to match letters and numbers; wildcards to include given words in all results.
  • Special combinations of misspellings, acronyms, phonetic variations and other word modification techniques to create domain name options.
  • Popular and alternative top-level domains.

5. Randomly Created Names / Uncommon Names

If you are in a creative niche, you may be willing to create a completely new word that captures the essence of your new company. Domain name generators exist that cater to this type of domain name search. They'll include names and suggestions that are not necessarily proper or common words.

6. Updated Search Databases of Recently Expired Domain Names

Some domain name generators will not only show available domains but also show domains which have recently expired and may become available to the public again (so you don't have to pay a premium price).

7. Other Things to Look for in a Domain Name Generator

  • Word Spinning, Recent domain alerts, name spinners, real-time availability checks
  • Bulk domain checks, general brainstormers


Domain name generators are great, powerful tools that can save time for your domain name and business name search. However, they are only useful for people with some imagination and a clear vision of where they want to take their new venture. Ideally, with a bit of time and effort, you can generate a lot of potential domain names that are available and relevant to your business' mission statement.

Remember that if one domain name generator tool proves unsatisfactory, there are others available that may generate better results. Conversely, if you like the results from a particular generator stay curious and see what at least one other online tool offers.

It could mean adding a new word that eventually becomes the domain name you really want.