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Debtors Anonymous is a free support group for people who need help controlling their compulsive debt accumulation. There is no fee to join Debtors Anonymous, there are no required dues but members can make donations to help support the group. The only thing you need to do to join is stop taking on unsecured debt. As you learn more about Debtors Anonymous, you’ll notice it’s a lot like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), the program for recovering alcoholics. That’s because it was started by AA members.

How Does Debtors Anonymous Work?

Debtors Anonymous works to restrain compulsive debting a disease that can’t be cured but can be controlled. Compulsive debting according to Debtors Anonymous is spending regardless of spending until it hurts you whether you have a want to or not.

Joining Debtors Anonymous can be the first step you need to stop compulsive credit card spending. Attending a meeting is like an acknowledgment that you’re having a hard time with your spending habits and that you need to make a lifestyle change. But, going to a meeting isn’t enough. You have to take ownership of your compulsive spending and use the tools given to you to turn your spending around.

In the first 90 days, you join Debtors Anonymous, you begin tracking the money you spend – all of it. It’s important that you write down all your purchases so you can come to terms with what you’re really spending. Then, you’re paired up with two other members of the group to form a pressure relief group (PRG). Your PRG will help you figure out how you bring balance to your world.

The members of Debtors Anonymous can serve as a spending deterrent. Whenever you get an urge to spend, call one of your mentors who will help you get over the urge.

Why Would I Need Debtors Anonymous?

Often money is not the reason that people go into debt. Sometimes it’s about self-esteem, depression, and other emotional issues. If emotions are driving your spending, Debtors Anonymous may help you fix it. Though Debtors Anonymous is not affiliated with any religious organization, it can be more of a spiritual program that helps you fix the emotional aspects of your money mismanagement.

What makes Debtors Anonymous different, and sometimes more effective than other types of debt help programs is that you have a support group. Often, people (even your family and friends) don’t believe that spending addictions exist. Joining Debtors Anonymous allows you to connect with people who can understand and relate to what you’re going through.

Don’t feel embarrassed about your debt or feel that you “shouldn’t” be in debt because you have a degree or because you make a lot of money. Many people feel ashamed about their debt and are unwilling to admit their money problems, so the problems go unsolved. When you’re able to admit that you’re addicted to debt, you’ll you can move on to the next steps in recovery.

Not everyone who seeks out Debtors Anonymous does so because they’re deeply in debt. Some people simply feel powerless over their money – something the first of Debtors Anonymous’ twelve steps addresses. If you feel like your finances are out of your control, consider Debtors Anonymous as a way to help you get back in control.

Joining Debtors Anonymous

You can find a Debtors Anonymous meeting near you by visiting their website, There are also phone and internet meetings for your convenience.


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