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When you’re job hunting, a personal website is a terrific way to showcase your skills and experience to prospective employers. Even if you’re not actively job seeking , having your own website is a great way to promote yourself and to get noticed by recruiters.

A personal website is something everyone who is in career mode should have. It’s a way to promote yourself and enhance your personal brand.

It also gives employers and contacts who search for you on Google, and many do, a solid source of career-related information about you. The more positive and professional information you have online, the more attractive you’ll be to prospective employers.

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It can be time-consuming and not so easy to set up a website, but has made it simple for users to create their own website. You can set up a personal website in minutes, or even less, with and you don’t need to have any tech skills.​

Nick Macario, CEO,, says “ enables anyone of any skill level to build a completely custom personal website in minutes. The quality of these personal websites makes the average job seeker appear tech savvy, as well as showing that they care enough to put in the time to build a site about themselves and display their skills, work experience, projects, clients, and education.”

Turn Your LinkedIn Profile into a Website automates the process of building the website by pulling content from your LinkedIn profile and creating a mobile friendly website in seconds. You don’t have to do anything other than connect with LinkedIn.

Sign up using your LinkedIn login and it will import the information from your profile to your site:

  • Summary
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Contact Information
  • Recommendations

If you would rather start from scratch, you can sign up with your email account. You’ll be able to build your website with just the information you want to include. However, I found it easier to start with my LinkedIn information and edit it. It was much quicker than building a page manually would be.

Quick and Easy Website Set Up

As I mentioned, tech skills aren’t required to set up your site. In fact, you can do it with just a few clicks. Your information is brought over from LinkedIn, and you’re ready to go.

Personalize Your Page

Once the LinkedIn information is imported, a basic version of your website is done. It’s that simple. However, you can personalize it by editing and customizing each section of your site. It’s easy to add, remove, rearrange, and edit the information.

The Gallery section enables the user to add images. The Projects section highlights a few of the special projects you’ve worked on during your career.

Select “Style” to choose a theme and color scheme you like. Then “Preview” your website. You’ll be able to view how it looks in desktop, tablet, or phone mode.

Publish and Share Your Site

Once you’re done customizing your page, click “Publish” and you’re finished – you have your own personal (and professional) website.

You’ll be able to share on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and more social sites. You can add the URL of your site ( to your resume and share it with prospective employers and professional connections.

Free vs. Pro Version

The basic version of is free. That includes your website with a personal address (, a message center and community support. The pro version offers a custom domain and email address.

Examples of Personal Websites

Your Professional Image

There is no doubt that your professional image is important. The more ways you can enhance it, the better your chances of job search and career success. offers a free, quick and simple way to promote your accomplishments.

Almost every professional has a LinkedIn profile.

Adding a personal website like to your professional portfolio gives you an easy way to highlight your credentials and stand out from the crowd.

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