10 Ways to Get a Discount on Haircuts

Save Money at the Salon on Your Next Haircut

Saving money on haircuts doesn't have to mean going shaggy. Here are several strategies to help you reduce the cost of your cut:

Look for Salon Coupons for Discount Haircuts

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Check your local newspaper and junk mailers for salon coupons, and get on the mailing list of your favorite salon for a chance at even more coupons. Are you still not turning up the savings that you seek? Then, head online, and do a search for the name of a salon in your area and the word "coupon."

Go to a Training Facility or Beauty School

If you want a big salon cut without the big salon price, try a beauty school or salon training facility. What you'll get: a deeply discounted cut from a (supervised) stylist-in-training.

To Find a Beauty School Near You:

Stretch the Time in Between Visits for a Haircut

Just because your stylist says you should come in every six weeks, doesn't mean you have to. Stretch the time between cuts, and you'll save big. Just how big? Having your hair cut every eight weeks instead of every six shaves two visits off of your yearly total. Not too shabby.

Do It Yourself Haircuts

Stick to a simple hairstyle, and cut your hair at home. After you invest in a good pair of scissors, you won't have any additional costs.

Alternate Between Pricey Salons and Cheap Salons

Your hairstyle can probably survive a trim at a less-expensive salon between major overhauls. Beauty expert Julyne Derrick recommends getting maintenance cuts at a cheap salon in between your pricey salon visits.

Donate Your Hair and Get a Free Cut

If you are going to have your long hair cut by eight to ten inches or more, you can donate it and get a free cut. Many salons host free haircut events to benefit Locks of Love and similar organizations where your hair will be donated to make wigs for people who are fighting cancer. Locate one of these events in your area; donate your hair. You'll help others while helping yourself to a free cut.

For More Information:

Become a Hair Model

Willing to take risks with your hair? Then, contact the top salons in your area, and let them know you're interested in becoming a hair model.

Note: You're more likely to score a free cut if you have long hair that hasn't been chemically treated.

Watch for Sales

Many discount salons run sales. Watch for commercials and ads to alert you to any upcoming salon sales in your area, and take advantage of them.

Seek Out New Salons

New salons frequently run special promotions to attract new customers. Spot one in your area and you could be rewarded with a half-price cut.

Barber Shops Aren't Just for Men

Are you a woman with a straight-forward cut? Then, head to a barber shop. You'll pay less than you would at a salon that caters to women and the service is usually just as good.