Front of the House Restaurant Equipment Catalogue

Everything You Need to Outfit the Front of the House

From special boards to floor mats, the Front of the House requires a lot of equipment.

Nonmagnetic Black Dry Erase Board

A black dry erase board is ideal for displaying daily specials and works well with a variety of rsetaurant themes and decor.

Menu Board

Menu boards don't have to be boring.
Menu boards can be as simple as a plain chalkboard or they can have a design that reflects your restaurant's theme or concept. Either way, menu boards should be placed throughout your dining room, bar, and waiting area, to showcase daily or weekly specials.

Dry Erase Marker Board

Plain dry-erase boards are easily dressed up with markers.
A plain white marker board can be transformed into a fun and colorful menu. Plain marker boards are great for rotating menus and daily specials.

High Chair

A basic wooden high chair is a must-have for a dining room. It is easy to clean and durable. Even you don't anticipate many children frequenting your new restaurant, you should keep at least one or two high chairs handy. More


Tablecloths add a definite sense of refinement and sophistication to any restaurant.


Linen napkins are a good investment if you plan to offer any kind of upscale dining or catering. White is ideal, because they can be bleached and are easier to keep looking new.

Table Votives

Add a little romantic lighting to tables.
Votives are a safe way to add candlelight to dining room tables. Make sure that any votives you purchase contain the fuel cell or candle flame completely. More

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and pepper shakers can dress up a table.
Salt and pepper shakers don't have to be boring. Find unique shakers that reflect your restaurant theme. Just be careful not to buy ones too interesting, otherwise customers may take them home. More

Framed Art

Decorative art should reflect the theme or location of your restaurant. A couple well placed pieces often look better than a collection of mismatched items.