A Full Review of, a Website for Free Stock Photos

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Without even having to register for a user account, over 15,000 free stock photos are available from, some of which are even in the public domain.

All of the images at are sectioned off into Sports, Designs, Food, Animals, Travel, Industry, and 20+ more categories.



  • Thousands of free images
  • No registration/account is required
  • Includes a search tool
  • Stock photos are organized in categories


  • Not all images are free*
  • Can't sort photos by license

*Note:​ While browsing, you may run across a "Sponsored Image," which is a photo that's not hosted on These images will likely require payment or registration of some sort before you can download them.

How You Can Use Photos From

Not every stock photo at is available under the same license, which means you must check each download page to see what you can and can not do with that particular picture.

On a photo's download page, look for the section called "License," and click the nearby link to learn about its permitted and prohibited uses and whether or not attribution is required.

It's recommended to contact if you're unsure how you're permitted to use a particular image.

More About

  • Stock photos can be sorted by most popular, newest, most downloaded, and most viewed
  • The number of views and downloads are available on each download page
  • Some stock photos are part of a set that you can view for similar images
  • Images are sometimes available in different sizes, so you may see a Small or Largest download button on a download page, complete with the image's resolution and file size
  • You can see every upload by a particular user by clicking their name in the "By" section of the download page
  • Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, email, and many other social sharing buttons are available on each download page
  • keeps a Vintage Collection, of which many, if not all, are in the public domain

My Thoughts on

I've used many stock photo websites that don't organize images into categories and won't even let you sort by date added or popularity, so I especially appreciate those two features with Plus, sorting this way isn't limited to whole categories but works even from search results, which is really nice. doesn't have quite the collection of free stock photos that some websites, like freeimages, have but it will still certainly take you quite some time to sift through them all.

At first thought, it may seem like a big drawback for to mix in non-free images with its collection, but it's really not a bother at all. I was able to go through several pages of photos and clearly see the few that were not available for free without any problems.

One thing I don't like about is that you can't sort the stock photos by license.

This means if you're looking for public domain images only, there's really no way to find just those pictures. You must instead hope that the ones you like are available in the license you require.