Freelance Writing Jobs for Telecommuting

This growing list of freelance writing jobs and telecommuting jobs websites is the most comprehensive list of places where you can find work specifically for freelance writers and contractors. 

ACES: American Copy Editor Society

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This is a Yahoo group to which you can subscribe. (Search for ACES from the front page of Yahoo Groups to join). I have seen 3-4 freelance/remote positiond come through over the course of a year. More

American Society of Business Publications Editors

The ASBPE keeps a fair list of jobs for members and non-members alike. Be sure to check the review below for tips! More

Associated Press

The AP website has a job listing page. More

Freelance BBS

Freelance BBS requires a signup/registration, but I haven’t got any junk mail (yet) and am happy with the leads. More

Freelance Switch

This job board is the only subscription service that I am including in these links, but it’s because I firmly believe in it. For $7 a month, you cut down on the sheer amount of people you are competing against. I got a job from here my very first month, making a 50x ROI over the long run. More

Freelance Writing Gigs

Honestly, one of the better job sites out there, its strength lies in the fact that it is so well updated. More

Magazine Publishers of America

This is a spot that I check weekly. More

Media Bistro

You will have to register, but it is a free service. Once you get the hang of their sorting function, you can find jobs in your area, or choose the telecommute or contractual drop down menu items. Be sure to read the review below for tips on getting the gig. More

Morning Coffee

The great thing about Morning Coffee is that it can be delivered right to your inbox- a great reminder to get on the job hunt. More

Poe War

This site also offers some great articles and how-to on freelancing. More

Poets & Writers

THe website of this great magazine boasts an area with a few quality leads. More

Poynter Online

I found a repeat client on this listing once. More

Places for Writers

This is a list of "calls for submission." While this may seem best for our creative writing friends, I have found a request for magazine articles and ideas here and there. Worth a look! More

Publishers Marketplace

Mostly NYC publishing jobs, but occasional gigs. More

Society for Features Journalism

This professional organization has a job list that occasionally highlights a writing or freelance position. More

Whisper Jobs

A magazine-focused site with some freelance magazine positions in editorial. At times, regular freelance writing/remote jobs and gigs are posted. More

Work At Home Mom lists remote/telecommute jobs from Craigslist. You'll find all kinds of jobs here, not solely freelance writing jobs. More

Write Jobs

Write Jobs is a combination of full time and project/freelance jobs, with additions popping up about once per week. Read the review below for more on the ​opportunities at Write Jobs. More

Writer Find

A hidden treasure- remember, the more traffic it gets, the more competition you have. More

Writers Weekly

This is a board-based listing with fairly good leads. More