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A Full Review of freeimages, a Website for Free Stock Photos

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freeimages is a website of over 400,000 free stock photos that you can use in a variety of ways, for both personal and commercial use.

New images are constantly being added and there are numerous categories you can use to browse through them, such as People, Signs, World, Concepts, and Computers.

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  • Lots of images to choose from
  • Advanced search tool
  • Pictures are organized by category


  • Must create a free account to download images
  • Not every single photo is free*

*Note: It's important to understand that some of the photos, specifically, some located at the very top of freeimages' website, are actually from, and aren't free.

How You Can Use Photos From freeimages

According to freeimages' license agreement, photos can be downloaded and printed for use in things like videos, websites, presentations, wallpapers, printed material (flyers, brochures, business cards, newspapers, etc.), and home decorations.

Stock photos taken from freeimages can not be sold, used for spreading hate ​or used in logos. Images of people can not be used if they are intended for making it look like the person is endorsing a product.

You should contact the owner of any pictures you want to use for a company website or on items like postcards, mugs, or any other mass produced product.

More About freeimages

  • The number of downloads an image has received, a description, the file size, its print size, and the screen size of each image is displayed on the side of the download page, as well as a link to the uploader's RSS feed if you want to stay current with their new photos
  • Keywords and Categories section can be accessed from every picture to find similar ones on the website
  • Photos and users can be added to your list of favorites so you can browse them all together on one page
  • Users can be found by country, city, and camera model to help you find stock photos of a particular variety
  • Comments can be added to a picture's download page
  • Downloads are opened in the browser so you can get a full view of the image before you decide to download it. Download images by right-clicking the full-size image and choosing to save them to your computer
  • As you browse through categories, you can hover your mouse pointer over an image for a slightly larger view of the photo
  • The advanced search tool lets you find pictures in any category, uploaded by a particular user, of a certain resolution, and added to freeimages between any custom date
  • Randomizer is a neat feature that shows you a random photo

My Thoughts on freeimages

If you're fine with freeimages' license agreement, it will show to be a great place to find free stock photos. There are just so many different pictures here that you should be able to find something you can use.

Some free stock photo websites are super simple, which can be good, and others are cluttered and can be confusing to use. I like freeimages because it's somewhere in the middle - it's not too simple and lacking in features, but also not too difficult with bloated tools and menus.

I particularly like that you can subscribe to an uploader's RSS feed. Instead of monitoring a user week after week by visiting freeimages' website, you can simply follow their uploads through a 3rd party program.

This is really nice if you find an active user with images you enjoy.

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