Tips and Tricks on Getting Freebies From Allure

Be an Allure Free Stuff Winner Every Time!

The Allure Free Stuff program gives out full-sized beauty products for free each and every month. This is a great way to build up your beauty stash and try out new products as well as old favorites. 

I've been getting freebies from the Allure Free Stuff program for years and I can honestly say that I'm able to score a free product over half the time that I sign up for one. Along the way, I've learned quite a few tips and tricks on how to get boxes of beauty freebies from just this one program.

Below, you'll find out tips and tricks that I use every time I sign up for an Allure Free Stuff giveaway. Follow them, and you can be a winner too.

Understand How the Allure Free Stuff Schedule Works

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It's important to realize that certain beauty products are given away only on certain days through the Allure Free Stuff program. Allure Magazine has a schedule that they follow so you'll be able to plan when you want to sign up for which freebie.

Usually the Allure freebies will be up for grabs the first four days of the first full week of the month unless there's a holiday or other event going on. Each August, there's an Allure Free Stuff Blowout where thousands of free beauty products will be given multiple times a day, every week day of the month.

Here's a complete guide to how Allure Free Stuff works. Understanding the ins and outs of the program will greatly increase your chances at getting a freebie.

Check out the free beauty products I've received from the Allure Free Stuff program.

Plan Your Method of Attack

You may not want all the freebies that Allure Magazine gives out. Sometimes they give out a certain shade you may not like or a product that you're not fond of. Since it does take some planning to enter for these freebies, skip the ones you don't want so the people who do have a better chance of getting them.

You can use the Allure Free Stuff calendar to see which products are going to be given out on which days. This way you can plan what you want to sign up for.

Know Your Time Zone

The Allure Magazine freebies are also given away at a certain time. Most months (expect August) the beauty products will be given out at noon EST.

The first people to sign up at Noon EST. will be the people to get the freebies. For instance, if there are 500 freebies being given away, the first 500 people to enter at the specified time will be the ones to get those freebies.

If you're not in the Eastern Time Zone, you'll need to find out what time the giveaway begins in your time zone. You can go to if you need some help figuring out what time to sign-up in your time zone.

Set a Reminder to Enter

The best way to make sure you don't miss out on Allure Free Stuff is by setting an alarm to remind you that it's about to begin.

You can set one on your phone or use a free online alarm clock and set it to 5 minutes before the giveaway. When the alarm goes off, you'll have time to get to your computer or phone and get ready to enter for the Allure freebie.

Enter From a Computer If You Can

Allure Magazine Free Stuff lets you sign up from their full website on a computer or their mobile website on from your phone.

I personally, have had much better luck getting freebies when I enter from my computer. If I'm on the go I'll enter from my phone but I have rarely gotten any freebies this way.

Get the Form Ready at the Right Time

Since the Allure Free Stuff program only gives out freebies to the first set number of people to fill out the freebie form, you'll want to make sure that you hit the Submit button right at the time the giveaway is set to start. If you hit submit before the specified time your entry won't count and if you enter too late all of the Allure freebies will be given away.

The Allure Free Stuff form is kept up all day the first week or so of the month. It won't tell you when it's time to enter for the freebie, so you'll have to watch the clock yourself.

Bring up the form and fill it out completely a few minutes before the giveaway starts. This way you'll be ready to go when the clock strikes.

Fill Out the Form Completely Before You Submit

For some reason, the Allure Free Stuff form seems to be a tricky one for people. Here are some tips to make sure you have it filled out correctly.

Everything that has a red asterisk besides it is required. This includes your email address, name, street address, city, country, state, and zip code.

You'll also need to indicate Yes or No for the Exclusive Offer. You DO NOT need to subscribe to the magazine to sign-up for the freebies.

The Contacting You section also needs to be filled out. You'll need to answer yes or no to every single question here.

Always double check that you have the form filled out correctly and completely before you submit it.

The Submit button will enter the form for you. You'll want to hit the submit button right when the clock strikes the hour. I use to make sure that I enter at the right time.

Don't Panic If Something Goes Wrong

If you submit the form and get a confirmation screen then you're entered into get the Allure Free Stuff freebie.

Since a lot of people enter to get freebies from the Allure Free Stuff program, sometimes this can strain their website. You might get an error page and need to quickly enter again.

A good rule of thumb is that if you see the word thanks anywhere on the page or in the URL, don't enter again because you may disqualify yourself. If you get an error page that doesn't have the word thanks anywhere on it, then go back and quickly enter again.