1,123 Free Valentine Clip Art Images for Valentine's Day

Free Clip Art of Hearts, Cupids, and More

These free valentine clip art images should help you tremendously if you're completing an online or offline Valentine's Day project this year.

All the valentine clip art images are free but make sure you check out the copyright information for each image. Some images are limited to personal use only.

Tip: Visit each website to get the full-size valentine clip art images. The images below are simply examples of the type of valentine clip art found at each website.

Can't get enough of this free valentine clip art? You can find free heart clip art to use on your projects as well. You can find even more Valentine's Day freebies to help you save this year.

Openclipart.org's Free Valentines Clip Art

A collection of red heart sketches

Dozens of pages of results are shown at Openclpart when you search for valentine clip art. You'll find large, high quality hearts, cards, borders, jewelry, gifts, and more.

You can download any of these clip art pictures in a big, medium, or small size as a PNG. You can also choose to save these pictures as a PDF file. More

Free Valentine's Day Clip Art at MyCuteGraphics

A valentines frog holding a red heart

High quality and clear valentine day clip art can also be downloaded from the MyCuteGraphics website.

There are over 12 pages of free clip art here, with most in color but some in black and white.

MyCuteGraphics also has a section just for free heart clip art that you should check out. More

Vintage Valentine Clip Art From Vintage Holiday Crafts

A vintage Valentine's Day image with two birds on a rose
Vintage Holiday Crafts

You'll love the free vintage valentine clip art over here at Vintage Holiday Crafts.

There's only around 20 to choose from, but there are some truly unique images that might be just what you're looking for. More

Webweaver's Free Valentine Clip Art

A kissing couple

You can find two pages of both still images and animated valentine clip art over at Webweaver.

A few of the clip art here involves couples kissing and others are animated signs and hearts.

Clicking on these images just once will make them a little larger, but you must right-click one to save it to your computer. More

Classroom Clipart's Free Valentine Day Clip Art

Flowers and hearts for Valentine's Day
Classroom Clipart

More free valentine clip art can be had at Classroom Clipart, but you should know before downloading them that all of them have a small "classroomclipart.com" watermark over the image.

There are dozens of pages full of valentine clip art at this website, so be sure to look through the pages using the buttons at the bottom of the Classroom Clipart website. More

Clipart Valentines from WPClipart

A group of heart balloons
WP Clipart

WPClipart has their valentine clip art broken into categories including Candy and Gifts, Cupid, Flowers, Love Letter, Love Symbols, Valentine Animals, Valentine Cards Borders, Valentine Couples, Valentine Face, and Valentine Hearts.

With their selection of 250+ free Valentine clip art images, you're sure to find just the one you're looking for. More

Free Valentine Clip Art at Valentine-Clipart.com

Flowers with heart shaped petals
Valentine Clipart

There are over 100 free valentine clip art images here.

Just scroll through and click on the image you'd like to download to see more details. You'll have to click the image once more to get the full size, and then right-click it to save it to your computer. More

Pastiche Family Portal Free Valentine Clip Art

A pink hear that says "True Love"
Pastiche Family Portal

There are a couple dozen great free valentine clip art images at this website too!

Be sure to check out the valentine love stamp clip art and these red hearts borders at Pastiche Family Portal as well. More

Free Valentine Clip Art From Ace Clipart

An I Love You embroidery clip art
Ace Clipart

Free valentine clip art of bears, hearts, flowers, and more await you at Ace Clipart.

These free valentine clip art images will bring some new life to whatever project you are working on this year.

Be sure to check the top or bottom of the Ace Clipart website for links to the other 11 pages of valentine clip art. More

Valentine Day Clip Art at HellasMultimedia.com

A pink heart with a glow to it
Hellas Multimedia

HellasMultimedia.com has a collection of over 250 free valentine clip art images.

The clip art here are in the form of animated hearts, borders, love images, comics, and more. You'll find both animals and people among these photos. More

Lady Anne's Free Valentine Clip Art

A heart outline made out of hearts
Lady Anne

There are lots of heart clip art over here by Lady Anne. Every one of them is a heart but each one is a little different than the others in either the color or design.

Right-click on top of one of the images you like to save it to your computer. More

Free Valentine's Day Clip Art From School Clip Art

A teddy bear holding a heart
School Clip Art

There are only a few valentine clip art images here but they are so cute I had to include them on the list.

Follow the directions at the top of the School Clip Art page to save the valentine clip art to your computer. More