11 Free Typing Games for Kids and Adults

The Best Free Online Typing Games

Free typing games can help teach kids and adults how to type as well as how they can improve their speed and accuracy. Not only do these free typing games help to build and improve on your typing skills, they also can be a lot of fun to play.

Below you'll find the best free typing games from all over the Internet. Read the directions for each game to get the best chance of getting the fastest speed and the lowest number of errors.

I recommend starting with the lowest level of the typing game, even if you have some typing experience. As you move up into the more advanced levels, you'll still be improving your skills even if it seems a little easy at first.

After you've played some of these free typing games, test your speed and accuracy using a free online typing test. If you're just a beginner to typing or really need to brush up on your skills, you should consider taking these free typing lessons.

Spider Typer

Racing lizards typing game
Spil Games

Berry the hairy spider needs your help escaping from the chameleons in this free typing game. Type the letter or word you see on the chameleons to destroy them and move Berry up towards the finish line.

There are three different levels of difficulty on this free typing game to make it great for kids of all skill levels. More


Keyman typing game like Pac-Man
Typing Games Zone

KeyMan is a free typing game that's a play on Pacman and is perfect for the beginner typer.

You'll have to use your keyboard and locate the letters and numbers to make Pacman move up, down, left, or right to escape the ghosts and win the game.

After each move, the letters/numbers will change to make you think about not only which direction you should move to avoid losing the game, but also which key to strike to move. More

Trash Typer

Collecting trash by spelling words correctly
PrimaryGames, Inc.

Trash Typer is a free typing game that is for someone who already can identify the keys on the keyboard and is ready to start spelling words.

Bubbles of trash fall from the sky and you'll need to type the word beneath it so the dinosaur in the little car can come pick it up and destroy it.

You've got four lives in this game, starting off with easy words and slow bubbles, but the game becomes harder as you progress forward. More


Saving a town by typing letters

The free typing game Alphattack challenges you to kill the enemies on the screen by pressing the corresponding letters on your keyboard.

There are three difficulty levels and multiple levels. To return to a different level the next time you play, you must enter a password to unlock the level. Passwords are given after each level is completed.

This game lets you customize the characters that you'll have to type, as well as lets you enter in cheat codes.

If you get stuck on this typing game, use your spacebar to activate a bomb that immediately eliminates all the enemies on the screen. More

Desert Typing Racer

Race cards with words to type above them

Desert Typing Racer is a free typing game where the goal is to type the letters above the cars before you crash into them. It's fast paced which makes it challenging and a lot of fun.

There are 40 levels in this typing game teaching everything from the home row to french words. Talk about a typing challenge!

You can customize Desert Typing Racer by level of difficulty - beginner, intermediate, and advanced. This makes it a great typing game that will keep challenging you as your typing skills improve. More


Blocks with letters on them
Typing Key Zone

KeyBricks is a highly addictive typing game where you'll need to locate certain letters on your keyboard to eliminate groups of colored bricks.

You can choose to play easy, normal, or hard, which gives you home row keys, all letters, or letters and numbers.

This free typing game is great for the beginner typer but also is a good reinforcement exercise for someone who already has some typing skills. More

Typing Chef

A kitchen based typing game

This free typing game is set in a kitchen. You'll need to type the words that appear in the bubbles that float up from the sink.

The levels get increasingly harder as you move on with longer words and phrases. More

Spacebar Invaders

Typing letters to kill aliens
Free Typing Game

In the free typing game Spacebar Invaders, you'll need to type the letters that appear under the aliens before they reach the bottom of the screen and the game is over.

Watch out for those UFO's, you'll want to be sure to get those because they're worth extra points.

There are dozens of lessons here and three levels of difficulty, so it makes for a great typing game for the beginner or expert typer. More

Magic Library

Typing game set in a library

You'll earn points in the free typing game Magic Library by pressing the letters and numbers that you see on the books falling from the top of the screen.

When you see a scroll press your spacebar and then type the letters as fast as you can for maximum points.

You can play this game in easy, medium, or hard mode. More

Typing Olympics

Completing a race by spelling words

Typing Olympics is a very fun free typing game where you're racing opponents on a track by typing the sentences you see at the bottom of the screen.

This is a great typing game for intermediate and advanced typists who are working on typing sentences. More

Cup Stacking

A typing game that involves stacking cups

Cup stacking is a basic typing game that's a great way to learn or reinforce the keys on the home row.

Colorful cups show up on a picnic blanket and they can be stacked or unstacked by typing the letters on the cups. More