Get Free Plans for a Toy Box Any Kid Would Love

Use one of these free toy box plans to build a gift for your child or grandchild that they'll cherish for years. It's a great way to add storage to a kid's room or playroom and the kids will love being able to organize all their toys.

Some of these plans make it super easy to build a toy chest, but others may be more difficult if you're a beginner builder. Be sure to look through each plan to see which one will work best for your skill level and the child's needs. 

Each free toybox plan includes instructions, diagrams, photos, materials, tools, and even videos.  All the plans are straightforward and easy to follow.

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Simple Toy Box Plan from Ana White

A wooden toy box with a lid
Rcbaker/Ana White

This is a simple toy box plan from Ana White that includes a hinged lid.

A list of items you need for the toy box are included, as well as a list of tools, pictures with dimensions, and detailed steps More

Toy Storage Plan from Shanty 2 Chic

A wooden toy storage chest with red bins
Shanty 2 Chic

Older kids need a little more organization than just a big toy box and this toy storage plan will get them 9 different compartments to stash their stuff.

This toy storage chest from Shanty 2 Chic holds Ikea's $4 Trofast baskets or any other similar sized bin.

A supply list, color photos, written instructions, and diagrams will help you build this toy box in no time. More

Pirate's Chest Toy Box Plan at Chief's Shop

A wooden toy box shaped like a pirate's chest
Chief's Shop

This plan can be used as a toy box for kids or as a storage chest for someone of any age. The instructions and images are contained in a PDF file ​and are so detailed at each step that it shouldn't at all be a problem to build.

A list of all the tools, supplies, and lumber that you need are listed off to the side, as well as a comprehensive list and measurements of all the different parts that make up this toy box.

Safety hinges are used to ensure the lid stays open and doesn't slam shut when it's being used. More

Rustic Toy Storage Unit Plan from Houseful of Handmade

A white and brown rustic toy storage chest
Houseful of Handmade

Here's another toy storage plan that's perfect for older kids. A shelf sits on top of three divided bins and then two pull-out crates on the bottom.

As part of the free plans, you'll get how-to instructions, a tools list, a materials list, a parts/cut list, and extra tips and tricks. More

Simple Storage Box from Instructables

An empty wooden storage box with handles and a lid

Simple Storage Box is an easy guide to building a toy box from Instructables. As you can see in the picture, this toy box plan accounts for handles on the sides as well as a lid.

There are detailed pictures, instructions, videos, and a list of materials in this free toy box plan. More

Caboose-Inspired Toy Box from Skil

A man and boy playing checkers on top of a toy box

This unique toy box plan is a bit harder to build than the others in this list. It features a checkerboard top, spring-loaded lid, two storage compartments, and an eye-catching design.

Download this PDF file to get a list of the materials you need, the cutting sizes, an exploded detailed look at the design of the toy box, and instructions for building the parts. More

Lidless Toy Box Plan from Jays Custom Creations

A man painting a toy box
Jays Custom Creations LLC

This open toy box plan is easy to follow and can be built by anyone.

There’s a video walkthrough you can watch for a visual idea of how this toy box is made, but there’s also a PDF file you can download, which includes a shopping list, color-coded illustrations, and step-by-step instructions. More

Car Toy Box at More Like Home

A blue toy box shaped like a car

More Like Home's free plan lays out very easy to follow, detailed instructions for building a cheap toy box that actually seats two small children.

Images and measurements are given throughout the steps to make it really simple to build this toy box. More

Toy Chest Plan from This Old House

A mother and daughter putting hinges on a toy box
This Old House

Here's a free toy box plan that shouldn't take more than around 5 hours to complete. Plus, it includes wheels and handles to make it easy for kids to move around.

The estimated cost and time to build the toy chest, as well as a shopping list, pictures, downloadable template, instructions, and list of tools needed are included in this plan. More

Rona's Free Chest-Bench Plan

This decorative storage chest works well for a toy box, but its design also lets it be used as a bench. This is an easy plan for beginners, so it shouldn't take longer than one day to complete it.

The details for Rona's chest-bench plan are in a PDF file. It includes all the tools and materials you'll need, along with cutting and assembly illustrations. It's measured at 60" x 20" x 21".  More

Chalkboard Toy Box Plan from Woodwork City

Kids like toys and chalkboards, which is why this toy box plan combines them into one. The chalkboard paint is applied to both the backdrop of the toy box as well as the front panel, but you could always change up the plan to customize it.

Ten steps through and you'll be done with this toy box, and there are images throughout each of them, some with detailed cutting instructions. More