217 Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Kids

Free, Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

These Thanksgiving coloring pages can be printed off in minutes, making them an almost instant activity that the kids can have fun with in the weeks before Thanksgiving or even the minutes before dinner is served.

There are hundreds of fun Thanksgiving pictures to color here with images of turkeys, pilgrims, cornucopias, Native Americans, Thanksgiving dinner, cooking, pumpkins, and more. And once they're colored, you'll have some instant Thanksgiving decorations for your home.

These Thanksgiving coloring pages can also be an excellent way to introduce the kids to the history of Thanksgiving in a fun way that will catch their attention. They'll have fun and learn a little a long the way.

You can find more Thanksgiving coloring pages for this time of year including free turkey coloring pages and fall coloring pages. These are just a few of the Thanksgiving freebies that you can find here.

Primary Games Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

A Happy Thanksgiving coloring page with all sorts of images
Primary Games

There's a few Thanksgiving coloring pages here that your child will have a blast coloring.

You'll find Thanksgiving coloring pages of turkeys, pumpkins, ships, cornucopias, and Thanksgiving dinner. More

DLTK's Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

A proud Thanksgiving turkey

There are several Thanksgiving pictures to color at DLTK's that can be printed as black and white so your child can color them or you can even print them in color and just use them as is for some quick Thanksgiving decorations.

There are also some free Thanksgiving tracer pages that double as a coloring page and writing practice for your child. More

MES English Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

A turkey and vegetables with the phrase "Thanksgiving."
MES English

These are some great looking free Thanksgiving coloring pages.

There's a lot of unique images in here that are so cute you won't be able to keep a straight face. More

Preschool Coloring Book's Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

A turkey wearing a pilgrim hat.
Preschool Coloring Book

Among all the free Thanksgiving coloring pages here you'll find pictures of cornucopias, pilgrims, Thanksgiving meal, ships, pies, and turkeys that your child can color.

Click on the link and then print the Thanksgiving coloring page straight from your browser. More

Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages at PapaJan.com

Thanksgiving time produce

You'll find 10 pages of Thanksgiving coloring pages here including a ton of fun images.

There are turkeys here as well as all your other favorite Thanksgiving images. More

Free Coloring Pages' Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

A turkey running.
Free Coloring Pages

There are a ton of free Thanksgiving coloring pages at Free Coloring Pages.

Scroll through the list of Thanksgiving coloring pages and click on the link of the coloring pages you'd like to view. More

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages from Crayola

A Thanksgiving turkey wearing a pilgrim hat

Crayola has a nice list of Thanksgiving coloring pages that include turkeys, food, pilgrims, cornucopias, and even bingo cards the kids can color.

On each coloring page, you can see how many have been printed and how many times it has been favorited. More

Doodle Art Alley's Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

A Thanksgiving turkey coloring sheet
Doodle Art Alley

Doodle Art Alley has a ton of unique Thanksgiving coloring pages with pumpkins, turkeys, cornucopias, pilgrims, and tons of other fun Thanksgiving images. 

Simply click on a thumbnail to open up a free PDF file you can print directly from your browser. More

Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages at Apples4theTeacher

A cornucopia full of vegetables.

Apples4theTeacher has a nice collection of Thanksgiving coloring pages that spans across three pages.

Be sure to use the links at the top of the page to view categories of pilgrim, turkey, harvest, or Native American coloring pages. More

Coloring.com Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

A scarecrow in a pumpkin patch.

The Thanksgiving coloring pages at Coloring.com can either be colored online or printed out and colored with crayons.

Either way, you're child is going to love coloring these fun pictures of Thanksgiving rituals and symbols. More

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages at Activity Village

A pilgrim and Native American sharing food
Activity Village

You'll find a few Thanksgiving coloring pages here at Activity Village with images of pilgrims, Native Americans, ships, turkeys, and more.

Each Thanksgiving coloring page is downloaded as a PDF file, which you can then easily print. More