Free Stuff for Gardeners

Before you head out to play in your garden, take a few minutes to grab some of these gardening freebies:

Free Seeds

Free Seeds. Photo © Erin Huffstetler

Save a bundle by starting your garden from free seeds. Here are six ways to get your hands on some.

Free Gardening Advice

Not sure what to plant, or how to care for something that you already planted? Ask a Master Gardener. They can help you with everything from planning to pest control. This site will help you connect with a Master Gardener in your area.

Free Admission to Gardens

Lots of botanical gardens and public gardens waive their normal entrance fee on National Public Gardens Day, which takes place each year over Mother's Day weekend. Find a participating garden near you, and go get inspired.

Free Gardening Catalogs

Garden catalogs are designed to sell stuff, but they can also provide a free education. Learn about plant yields, winning companion plant combinations and more by perusing the pages of your favorite seed catalogs. Then, use those $25-off-a-$25-order coupons on the back covers to order your seeds and plants for free.

Free Interactive Kitchen Garden Planner

Use Gardener's free kitchen garden planner to map out your square-foot garden online. Just select the size of your garden bed and the plants you want to include, and it'll show you how many will fit in a square foot. You can even save your plan or print it out when you're done.

Free Garden Notebook

Printable Garden Notebook. Photo © Erin Huffstetler

Keep all of your garden plans and records in one place for easy reference. This printable garden notebook has everything you need to get organized, and it's free!

Free Plants, Soil and More

Mulch. Photo © Erin Huffstetler

Start and expand your garden with free garden supplies gathered from around your community. With a little work, you can get free mulch, fill dirt, landscaping rocks, plants, fertilizer and amendments.