29 Free Spanish Games to Help You Learn and Improve

Test Your Knowledge With 29 Free Online Spanish Games

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These free Spanish games are a fun way to learn Spanish, test your existing knowledge of the language, or both. The instructions are in English but the games themselves require you to know either basic or advanced words/phrases in Spanish.

The games are great for kids and adults alike and I've got them organized by skill level so it's easy to find the perfect place to start. So dive on in, and have a blast improving your Spanish.

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Easier Spanish Games

Here's a list of easier free Spanish games that will help you learn basic vocabulary, numbers, colors, and basic phrases.

Word Search - This game shows simple Spanish words next to their English translation, and has you find the Spanish word in a word search.

Numbers to 10 - Learn how to read and pronounce numbers in Spanish, and then play three sets of games to test your knowledge.

Spanish Word Toss - Spanish Word Toss has you throw darts at balloon targets that are translations of English keywords. Categories include animals, food, people, numbers, days of the week, and more.

Three strikes and you have to start over!

Hangman - Just like the classic Hangman game, you must enter the correct letters to translate the Spanish word to English before your errors fill out the stick figure.

Whack-a-Word - A Spanish word is shown and spoken and you must click the English translation for it that pops up before it disappears into the hole again.

Colors - An elementary game that lets you learn basic colors and then tests your knowledge of them.

Spanish Vocabulary - Match Spanish text with photos. You can instead play with audio so you must hear the word before choosing what image it goes with.

Memory - Dozens of memory games in many different categories, such as animals, clothes, food, and people. You must match like images with each other, which takes place while the Spanish words are spoken aloud to help with association.

Sorting Game - Can you sort these Spanish words into their proper categories? 

Speed Balls - Drag and drop to match the pictures with the proper Spanish balls. There are plenty of object categories to choose from, and you can study the words before you begin.

Fast Hands - Very similar to Speed Balls, but you're given the Spanish word in text and audio and must click the appropriate image that the word refers to.

Weather - Test your skills by matching up the English words and picture combos with the Spanish equivalents.

Mind the Word - A Google Chrome web browser extension that translates anywhere from 5% to 45% of the pages you read into Spanish. See if you can still comprehend what you're reading even when some of the words aren't in English.

Memory Matching - Each box is hiding a word/image combo in Spanish. You must click each of them to try to match like objects with each other. This game is great for associating emotions, faces, and slang Spanish words with their image counterparts.

Pack Them Up - Use drag and drop to place the Spanish word/picture combos into the correct boxes. Boxes are labeled in Spanish with corresponding pictures to help you learn.

Spanish Phrases - Learn a handful of Spanish phrases and greeting and then see how many you can correctly match up.

More Difficult Spanish Games

This list of free Spanish games are a little more challenging. These games will help you with more advanced vocabulary and sentences.

Kayak Game - Listen to the Spanish words and see how many you can type out correctly before the kayak is washed away.

Spanish-English Cycle Race - Race to the finish line by answering as many translation questions you can. The faster you answer them, the faster your bike will move.

Hangman - A hangman game with lots of categories to choose from. Unlike the game from above, you have nothing to translate. It's a complete guess like the classic hangman game.

Colors Game - A Spanish sentence is given and you must type out the missing word, which is a color, in Spanish.

Weather Game - Match the week's forecast in Spanish with the appropriate weather images.

Animal Counting Game - Listen to the question in Spanish that asks how many animals you see in the picture, then type the number in the box.

Match-Up Quiz - Drag and drop the Spanish words into the appropriate boxes. You're tested over food items and full Spanish sentences.

Number Game - Enter the price spoken in Spanish for the products on the shelf. You can practice one digit numbers all the way up to six digit numbers.

Dialogue Game - Choose the correct sentences that complete the dialogue between two Spanish speaking people.

Fill in the Blank - Pick a category and try to spell out the translation. You'll have to switch between English and Spanish spelling to really test your knowledge.

Verb Conjugation Game - Tests your knowledge of conjugating verbs. You can specify the tense, types of verbs, and infinitive ending that you'd like to be tested on.

Spelling Bee - See how many Spanish words you can spell from the given picture/audio before the time runs out.

Parts of the Body - Play the most difficult level to quickly enter the Spanish words for the body parts you see on the screen before the images move off the screen.