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A resume template provides you with a layout for your resume. That way, you don't have to design the document from scratch. As anyone who has ever stared at a blank document knows, beginning the process of creating a resume can be a daunting task. This is where a template can be very helpful. A template starts the process for you by laying out certain basic sections hiring managers expect to see (such as name and contact information.)

Why Use a Resume Template

You may be great at your job but that doesn't mean your great at designing a professional resume. Even if you are adept at writing a resume, the whole process is time-consuming. Not only does a template save time, but it always helps you know exactly what sections to include. Even if you're not a rookie when it comes to resume writing, it's always useful to review resume templates and samples when preparing your resume. That way, you can get an idea of what a resume should (and could) look like.

Tips for Using a Resume Template

The best way to use a resume template, or sample resume, is as a starting point. Don't think of it as something engraved in cement. In other words, just because the template uses a Times New Roman font, that doesn't mean that you can't use your preferred Arial font.

And, if the resume template includes an objectives section, but you prefer to have a summary section, feel free to make the adjustment.

In fact, personalizing a resume template is advantageous. After all, nearly every resume template out there is available to every other job applicant out there, and it pays to stand out from the crowd. Just be sure to stay within the boundaries of what's appropriate when you personalize your resume.

For example, while you can change the font, be sure to stick with a professional, resume-appropriate font choice.

After reviewing a few options, choose the template that appeals to you the most. Part of the template selection process may involve deciding what type of resume you'd like to have: functional, targeted, chronological, or some hybrid option. Once you've selected a template, add your information. Then, tweak and edit the document to personalize your resume, making sure it highlights your unique skills and abilities.

Free Resume Templates

Review these resume templates, looking for the option that best suits your career level and background. 

Resume Samples

In addition to looking at resume templates, it may be helpful to look at resume samples. Examining how other people describe their experience and adapt templates can be very helpful. This is particularly true if you look at samples which are either at your current career level or from people in your field. Use sample resumes only for inspiration — do not copy information or phrases.

It's important to be honest on your resume, and portray your experience accurately.

Resume Samples
Here are a multitude of resume samples and examples that will fit just about any job-related circumstance.

Sample Job Search Letters
Beyond sample resumes, here are sample cover letters, CVs, and job letter samples that are worth reviewing.

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