15 Free, Printable Sleepover Invitations

Invite Your Guests in Style With These Free Slumper Party Invites

These free, printable sleepover invitations are a must if you're throwing a slumber party for your daughter or friend. They're perfect for girls of all ages, and there's even one on the list that would work great for a boy.

All of these sleepover invitations can be customized with your own party details including who the party's for, where and what time the party takes place, what the kids need to bring to the party, and your RSVP details.

Some of the sleepover invitations can be customized before printing and others will have you fill in the information after you've printed them, so choose whichever one works best for you.

I also have a list of printable envelopes for these invitations as well as some free, printable birthday invitations you'll want to check out if you're looking for even more options.

Ready to plan the slumber party? I have a list of free sleepover games that use items you already have on hand. The girls will love them!

Spa Sleepover Invitations from Darling Darleen

A photo of a spa themed slumber party invite.
Darling Darleen

Darling Darleen has created these unique slumber party invitations that use an eye mask template to invite the guests to a spa themed slumber party. 

Once you print this free slumber party invite, you can fill in the invite with the party host, date and time, location, and R.S.V.P details. You can then get as creative as you want by using ribbon, trim, and glitter to decorate them before sending them out. More

Flashlight Slumber Party Invitation by Greetings Island

A slumber party invitation with a pillow, flashlight, and moon.
Greetings Island

This cute sleepover party invitation lets the guests know that they are in for a night of fun. It even has a place to list what everyone needs to bring to the sleepover.

Before you print, you can customize this sleepover invite with your own text and stickers. Matching envelopes are also available. More

Starry Night Sleepover Invitation from Canva

A blue and yellow sleepover invitation

This blue and yellow slumber party invitation invites guests over to a starry night of fun for a sleepover. The colors make it perfect for a girl or boy sleepover.

You can customize all the text, change the font, and even changes the colors of this invitation. Download and print as a PDF or JPEG.

Be sure to look at the other Canva sleepover invites, there are lots of good ones here. More

Pajama Party Invitations from Make Your Own Invitations

A photo of a pajama party invitation.
Make Your Own Invitations

These printable Pajama Party invitations are great for girls of all ages and can easily be printed two per page.

After printing, you can write in how the pajama party is for, when it's going to take place, where the party is going to happen, what the girls need to bring to the party, and RSVP information. More

Printable Sleepover Invitation from Greetings Island

A picture of a slumber party invitation with two pillows and green and pink polka dots.
Greetings Island

Pink and green polka dots with pillows make this printable slumber party invitation colorful and fun for girls of all ages.

All text can be changed to a different font or a different color, and stickers can also be added. More

Slumber Party Pillow Case Invitations by One Creative Mommy

A photo of a slumber party invitation in shape of a pillow.
One Creative Mommy

This adorable slumber party invitation is in the shape of a pillow that's slipped into it's own colorful pillowcase. It also includes a cute poem to go on the invite.

This free slumber party invitation template is available as a PDF file and also as Silhouette cut files. More

Sleepover Invitation from Greetings Island

A sleepover invitation in green and blue.
Greetings Island

This teal and green free sleepover invitation can easily be edited with your own party details. The colors are pretty gender neutral, so they could be used for a boys' slumber party as well.

After you've customized this invitation, you just need to download or print it. There are also matching envelopes available. More

Party Stars Slumber Party Invite from Greetings Island

A yellow and pink slumber party invite.
Greetings Island

This pink and yellow striped slumber party invite does a great job inviting all the young lady's best friends to her sleepover.

You can customize this invitation with her name, birthday age or other occasion, date, time, place, and RSVP information. 

You can also add additional text or stickers to the slumber party invitation before you print. More

Online Sleepover Invite from Punchbowl

A pink and white online sleepover invite

If you don't want to bother with printable invites, here's an online sleepover invite from Punchbowl.

Pink and white dots as well as images of a pillow, cupcake, and fingernail polish, invites guests over for a fun slumber party.

You can customize all the party info here and then email it to the guests when you're done. More