1,000+ Places to Find Free, Printable Mazes for Kids

Free Printable Mazes for Kids of All Ages

These free printable mazes for kids will help your children or students develop their fine motor skills and strengthen their problem-solving skills - and they'll have a blast doing it!

Browse through these free printable mazes for kids and you'll find easy mazes all the way up to super hard mazes in all kinds of themes just as animals, sports, holidays, seasons, space, transportation, and more.

If your kids love just about anything that pops up on a computer screen, you'll want to check out these online mazes for kids that will save you some printing time and they'll love completing over and over again.

Find more free printable activities for kids like printable color by number worksheets, hidden pictures, and connect the dots worksheets.

Krazydad's Free Printable Mazes for Kids

A dinosaur shaped maze
Krazy Dad

Krazydad has a wonderful collection of free printable mazes for kids that include easy, intermediate, challenging, tough, and super tough mazes.

There are hundreds of printable mazes here and you can download a book of them as a PDF file which includes 20 mazes. Just in the easy mazes section, there are 50 books you can download. Now that's a lot of mazes!

There's also a special category for dinosaur mazes grouped by easy and tough. More

Printable Mazes for Kids at PrintActivites

A maze shaped like a baseball hat
Print Activities

PrintActivities also has a huge collection of printable mazes that are free for you to download and print.

You'll find alphabet letter shaped mazes, happy face hints printable mazes, counting mazes, special occasion and holiday mazes, fairy tale mazes, sports mazes, seasonal mazes, animal mazes, medieval and mythical mazes, outer space mazes, vehicle mazes, and mazes in small, medium, and large sizes. More

Mr. Printables' Mazes for Kids

A rainbow shaped maze
Mr. Printables

There are only a few printable mazes here but I had to include it on the list because they are just so darn cute.

Choose between easy and medium level mazes that include cute illustrations with bees, flowers, rainbows, apples, and more.

These are great for younger kids because they're so simple or a nice break for the older kids who want a quick maze to complete. More

Raising Our Kids' Free Printable Mazes

A maze shaped like a heart
Raising Our Kids

Raising Our Kids has three pages of free printable mazes with a few other puzzles thrown in for good measure.

These aren't organized by skill level, so you'll need to browse through the thumbnails until you see a maze that catches your eye.

You'll love how many fun shapes, images, and characters are featured on this group of free, printable mazes. More

Free Mazes for Kids at PrintableMazes.net

A dinosaur maze

Choose between simple, easy, medium, hard, and difficult mazes and then choose a maze set you'd like to download. Each maze set includes 10 pages of printable mazes.

If you're looking for a challenge, be sure to check out the difficult mazes here - wow! More

Free Printable Mazes at Mazes to Print

Mazes to Print has a lot of free printable mazes organized by easy, medium, hard, mega, and word mazes.

Click on the skill level of mazes you'd like to view and then choose from circle, rectangle, escape, tubular, wheel, cut out, or crossover mazes.

There's also a group of word mazes here that are a lot of fun. More

Busy Bee's Free Printable Mazes for Kids

A maze where a farmer is trying to find his pig
Busy Bee

Busy Bee has free printable mazes for kids in the categories of animals, holiday, seasons, cowboys, medieval, space, and pirate.

Click on the theme category of maze you'd like to view and then keep clicking until you find mazes for the age level you're looking for. More

Classroom Jr.'s Free Printable Mazes

An easy maze where a hedgehog is trying to find the sun
Classroom Jr.

Take a look at the free printable mazes at Classroom Jr. and you'll find categories include animal mazes, holiday mazes, and seasonal mazes.

Be sure to check out the Printable Mazes for Kids maze set, it includes a maze for every month of the year. More

Amazing Art's Very Hard Printable Mazes

A maze in the shape of a Zeus statue
Amazing Art

If you are looking for some very hard printable mazes then look no further than the three featured over at Amazing Art.

Download the winged bull, Pharaoh, and Zeus mazes that will challenge even the grown-ups. More

Free Mazes for Kids at DLTK

A spider maze

DLTK has mazes for kids of animals (especially birds), major holidays, all the seasons, and Bible-themed mazes. 

All mazes can be printed in full-size and most of the mazes can be printed in color or black and white. More

Kids Front Printable Mazes for Kids

A back to school maze

Kids Front has a handful of free mazes for kids that are really cute with pictures of crocodiles, race cars, elephants, baby kangaroos and more.

These mazes range from easy to medium and are great for younger kids. More

AllKids Network's Free Printable Mazes

An easy maze to a fire
All Kids Network

AllKids Network has free printable mazes just for kids that are organized by easy, medium, and hard.

Scroll through the thumbnails of the printable mazes and then click on one you'd like to print. Simply use your browser to print off the maze. More

MomsWhoThink's Printable Mazes for Kids

A maze where a girl is trying to find her bike
Moms Who Think

You'll find more than 50 free printable mazes for kids over at MomsWhoThink.

Choose one of the printable mazes and then use your browser to print them off. More