72 Free, Printable Halloween Masks

Children's Halloween Mask Templates & Printables

Printable Halloween masks are a fun Halloween printable that kids will love wearing all year around for either dress-up or birthday parties, but they'll especially love them around Halloween time.

Not only would these printable Halloween masks be a great start to a homemade costume but they would also be great as favors for a Halloween party. They make a great free Halloween costume too if you're pinched for time and money this year.

You'll want to find even more Halloween freebies to make your Halloween the best for less this year.

Tip: Be sure to visit the links to print high-quality versions of the Halloween masks. The pictures here are just meant to give a preview of what the printable Halloween masks look like.

Heading out to a masquerade ball? Try any of the masks below or a printable Mardi Gras mask.

Printable Halloween Masks for Kids at It's Always Autumn

Printable Halloween masks laying on a table
It's Always Autumn

It's Always Autumn has a set of four printable Halloween masks, a cat, jack o'lantern, Frankenstein's monster, and s sugar skull.

These are a great activity for kids too, you'll print them out and then have the kids cut out the masks and color them. Then it's time for the fun to begin. More

Printable Halloween Masks From Mr. Printables

A collection of masks on a table.
Mr. Printables

This collection of free Halloween masks includes a black cat, skull, spider, pumpkin head, monster, and moth.

You can download each mask the way it is or as a blank template which can then be colored and designed. The masks open as a PDF file and print 2 masks per page. More

Free, Printable Star Wars Masks From Printable Crush

A group of kids wearing Star Wars masks.
Printable Crush

Printable Crush has designed a group of free, printable Star Wars masks that would be perfect for Halloween but the kids will love them all year around.

There are all your favorite characters here including Chewbacca, 3CPO, Storm Troopers, BB8, and R2D2. 

The masks can be printed as PDF files that you'll need to cut out yourself or files for the Silhouette Cameo so you can have it do all the work.

There are also free downloads here of Star Wars popcorn boxes, party circles, Goodie bags, party tickets, and more. More

Halloween Photo Booth Masks From One Creative Mommy

A group of kids wearing different Halloween masks.
One Creative Mommy

Here are some super quick masks to print out that would make a quick Halloween costume or be a great addition to your photo booth at your Halloween party.

There are printable masks from Frankenstein, the Bride of Frankenstein, bats, Harry Potter, vampire teeth, a silly mouth, and Boo! glasses. More

Superhero Masks From Behance

9 superhero masks.

Superheroes are a very popular choice for a Halloween costume, and these free Halloween masks will make it so easy to put your costume together.

There are masks from Batman, Spiderman, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Wolverine, The Flash, and Wonder Woman

Printable 3D Calavera Masks From Happy Thought

3D calvara masks in yellow and purple.
Happy Thoughts

Make your Halloween a bit more unique with these free, printable Calvara Sugar Skull masks from Happy Thoughts. There are 6 different designs to choose from.

After you print them, you'll need to do a little bit of cutting and taping, but it will be worth it to get this very cool 3D effect.  More

Kids Activities Blogs' Free, Printable Halloween Masks

Four printable Halloween masks
Kids Activities Blog

There are four free, printable Halloween masks over at Kids Activities Blog, a skull, Dracula, a jack o' lantern, and Frankenstein's monster. 

Download these free printable masks as one PDF file. They print out in full color, you'll just need to cut them out. More

Printable Halloween Masks at Fantasy Jr.

A 6-eyed green monster mask.
Fantasy Jr.

There are a ton of awesome Halloween masks over at Fantasy Jr.

You can print masks of aliens, monsters, Frankenstein, skeletons, vampires, gargoyles, lizards, and ogres. More

Scary Printable Halloween Masks by Hello Kids

A skull Halloween mask.
Hello Kids

Hello Kids has some scary printable Halloween masks of a skull, pumpkin, bat, alien, phantom, cyclops, mummy, bloody monster, and witch that you can download and print.

If your child wants something a bit tamer, there are also printable Halloween masks of animals, people, and funny characters. More