Free Printable Gift Tags for All Occasions

Printable Gift Tags to Top Your Gifts No Matter What Time of Year It Is

These printable gift tags will add that extra special touch to your gift without you having to shell out any extra money.

These printable gift tags look great and will just take you a few minutes of time to print them and attach them to your gift. No need to spend any money when you have something that looks this good!

The printable gift tags here are great for any occasion but if it's holiday time I have some great Christmas gift tags that look wonderful. If you're using these gift tags for a birthday, then you may want to pair it with a printable birthday card as well.

These printable gift tags look great on whatever paper you use, but really shine when printed on card stock or linen paper. They also become even more convenient if you print them on sticker paper.

Printable Everyday Gift Tags from Dawn Nicole Designs

Colorful gift tags on a table with scissors and a pen
Dawn Nicole Designs

Dawn Nicole Designs has created these lovely printable gift tags that are free for you to download an use as much as you like.

I love that this collection of gift tags are great for just about any occasion, from a thank you gift, to a birthday gift, to a "just because" gift.

All the backgrounds are white making it easy to write your message if you have one. The colors are bright, in shades of pink, blue, green, and yellow. More

Floral Birthday Gift Tags From Live Laugh Rowe

Floral birthday gift tags on kraft paper
Live Laugh Rowe

Live Laugh Rowe has designed these lovely free, printable birthday gift tags that are decorated with beautiful watercolor flowers.

There are four different designs and they can be printed out on one page so you can use as many as you like.

If you're looking for more than just a tag, I also have some free, printable birthday cards. More

The Pretty Blog's Printable Gift Tags for Birthdays

A sheet of large, medium, and small gift tags
The Pretty Blog

The Pretty Blog has created some wonderfully whimsical birthday gift tags for you to print.

In addition to the printable gift tags, there are also printable stickers and cards. More

Made With Love Gift Tags From She Wears Many Hats

Made With Love gift tags on a table
She Wears Many Hats

These "Made With Love" gift tags from She Wears Many Hats will go perfectly with anything you've home made including food, bath items, or even a quilt.

These printable tags are available in all black (which looks great when printed on printable kraft paper) and black with a red heart.

After you've printed them you can cut them out, punch the hole, and attach baker's twine. More

Ice Cream Gift Tags From Eat Drink Chic

Colorful ice cream gift tags with confetti
Eat Drink Chic

These ice cream gift tags would look great on a birthday present or even a summer housewarming gift.

They print 4 to a page in pink, green, blue, and yellow. More

Free Thank You Gift Tags From Blooming Homestead

Thank you gift tags on a table
Blooming Homestead

These vintage inspired gift tags from Blooming Homestead makes a wonderful way to say thank you.

There are three different designs with arrows, flowers, and hearts.

I also have some lovely free, printable thank you cards if you'd like something a little more formal. More

Mixed Tape Gift Tags From The Cart Before the Horse

Mixed tape gift tags on a table
The Cart Before the Horse

Here's some printable gift tags for all of us whom remember the good 'ol cassette tape.

There are all kinds of styles of gift tags here and they'd look on a gift for just about any occasion. More

DIY Bright Polka Dot Printable Gift Tags by Hello, Good Gravy!

Polka dot gift tags in many colors
Hello Good Gravy

These are some very bright and cheerful printable gift tags in red, orange, green, blue, pink, and purple.

These look great with a whole punched through the top and a ribbon strung through. More

Free Printable Gift Tags From Badbird's

8 free printable gift tags with animals on them

These free, printable gift tags are truly inspired by nature with images of birds and squirrels.

You can print 8 gift tags per page of these. More

Free Printable Gift Tags From Oh the Lovely Things

9 yellow gift tags with birds on them
Oh the Lovely Things

I just adore this lovely green gift tag that features a single bird. It can be printed in three sizes — small, medium, and large.

There's also another printable gift tag here that features some flowers. More

Free Gift Tag Cards From Whisker Graphics

Whisker Graphics

These free, printable gift tags can also be printed as gift cards.

Lots of lovely designs here that you're going to love! More