Free Presentation Makers

These free presentation makers will help you create a professional presentation slideshow, comparable to the ones you can create in the pricey Microsoft PowerPoint. These presentation makers really stand out because they're all online services with no software to download.

The free presentation makers on this list have all the features you'd expect, allowing you to create a slideshow with eye-catching text, clear images, perfect transitions, and the ability to input items like graphs and videos. They're also very easy to use so you'll be up and running in no time.

If you are looking to cut down on the money you're spending on software, I really recommend starting with these free online presentation makers. It's likely that you'll find they're even better than the ones you have to buy.

If you're looking to find a free presentation maker program you can download, here's a list of free presentation software that may be just what you're looking for. There's also a free PowerPoint viewer if you only need to look at or share an already created presentation.

Within these free presentation makers, you can use free PowerPoint templates and free PowerPoint backgrounds to add some interest to your slide show.

Google Slides

Screenshot of Google Slides in Chrome
Google Slides.

Google Slides is an intuitive online presentation maker that automatically saves as you work and lets you create an unlimited number of presentations.

Sharing is easy with Google Slides because in just a couple clicks you can give anyone access to the presentation, whether it be the public or specific people only.

Slide transitions, templates, and layouts are available to choose from and, on top of other advanced features, you can import your own items like videos and images. Another bonus is that you save a presentation to an offline file. More

Zoho Show

Screenshot of Zoho Show in Chrome
Zoho Show. © Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Zoho Show matches very closely to Google Slides as the best free presentation maker.

All the regular tools and features are present as well as several unique and advanced ones. For example, you have the ability to not only share presentations and chat with others in real-time, but also to actually present the slideshow live across the Internet. More


Screenshot of Visme in Chrome
Visme. © Easy WebContent, Inc.

If you need a presentation maker that provides nearly all the resources you need to create a slideshow, Visme has you covered.

There are over 40,000 free images that you can add to your slides, in addition to themes, widgets, charts, graphs, shapes, banners, icons, and thousands of other objects.

You can also use Visme to import videos from YouTube and Vimeo, and it features automatic spell check and sharing capabilities.

Live Presentations

Screenshot of Live Presentations in Chrome
Live Presentations. © InstaColl

Live Presentations lets you upload existing presentations that are in popular file formats and even lets you download them again to save them locally. This is in addition to creating new ones entirely online.

All the regular presentation making features are included and its ease of use puts it near the top of the list of free presentation makers.


Screenshot of PowToon in Chrome

PowToon is super easy to use because it supports drag and drop and organizes everything on screen to make it simple to see what you’re doing.

Whether you’re creating a presentation for school, a TV ad, or a tutorial, among others, you can browse through several already-made presentation templates at PowToon to start editing on right away.

A large gallery is included so you can find clip art images under several categories. You can also share presentations made on PowToon and export them directly to YouTube. More


Screenshot of SlideCaptain in Chrome
SlideCaptain. © Engawa

SlideCaptain lacks many of the same features as most of the presentation makers from above, but it's still worth trying out if you can't find one that suits your needs.

It's really easy to add text and images to SlideCaptain because you can import them from other online websites or load them from your computer.

It also features automatic spell check and lets you download your presentation as a PDF file.


Screenshot of emaze in Chrome

emaze is much different than the previous websites, which in some cases is a good thing. While some presentation makers can display unique effects to transition between slides, emaze does this much differently by providing a completely unique platform altogether for each presentation.

Instead of moving through presentation slides from left to right like a book, emaze uses different techniques, like zoom or 3D movements, to present a slideshow.

Regular presentation making features are included as well as a few unique and advanced ones. More

Haiku Deck

Screenshot of Haiku Deck in Chrome
Haiku Deck.

Haiku Desk isn't nearly as natural to use as presentation makers like Google Slides, but it is super simple to use, lets you download your presentation offline, and allows you to keep your presentation private or share it with others.

Several themes are available to choose from and you can select any color or custom image for the background of the slides.

There are several slide layout types so you can immediately change the way text is displayed. You can also add notes and charts to a presentation with Haiku Deck.


Screenshot of in Chrome © is a website for publishing already made presentations. There are no editing options like including slide transitions, adding text boxes, importing photos, etc.

It's as simple as uploading a presentation file and then deciding whether or not you want webcam audio/video to be added alongside the slides.

Presentations saved to are shared with the public where people can favorite them and make comments.


Screenshot of SlideBoom in Chrome
SlideBoom. © iSpring Solutions, Inc.

Similar to, SlideBoom is available if you need to publish presentation files you've already built in other presentation makers.

You can store up to 100 files as long as they're each under 100 MB in size.

Though you can't edit any slides once they've been uploaded, SlideBoom can still display images, video, audio, and even slide transitions. Also, once published, other users can even create graphical comments on your presentations by drawing on the slides. More


Screenshot of Knovio in Chrome
Knovio. © KnowledgeVision Systems Incorporated

Knovio is probably the simplest presentation maker in this list, but it also lacks the most features.

You'll want to use Knovio if you need to overlay video and/or audio to your presentation. Just upload your existing presentation, record yourself with a webcam or microphone, and then share it with others or embed it in HTML.

There's also an iPad app that lets you record your video and audio straight through your device.

The result is your own video/audio and slides progress forward as a video file. When a shared presentation is viewed, people can zoom in to make the video or the slides larger.