Free Porch Swing Plans

Build a Wooden Porch Swing With These Free Plans

Use a free porch swing plan to build your family a place to sit and gather during the warm months and cuddle under a blanket when the evenings get chilly. This is a project you can feel good about making and it will be used for many generations to come.

Building a porch swing is a fairly simple woodworking project perfect for the beginner or intermediate builder. All the porch swing plans have detailed instructions and blueprints to help you succeed.

Don't limit yourself if you don't have a large enough front porch for a swing. Think about your back porch, deck, or even a tree in your yard. You can even suspend one from an arbor or swing set frame. A porch swing would make anywhere in your yard so much more enjoyable.

It will only take you a day or two to build a porch swing and you can expect to spend around $150. That's not a lot of time or money involvement to build such a great addition to your home.

You can find more plans like this to help you build a shed, picnic table, dog house, Adirondack chair, gazebo, pergola, tree house, playhouse, swing set, and even a deck.

Ana White's Free Porch Swing Plan

A wooden porch swing with red pillows.
Ana White

This free porch swing plan will give you everything you need so you can build a beautiful porch swing. It has an extra high back to make it super comfortable.

Included in the porch swing plan are illustrations, diagrams, written directions, materials and tools list, cut list, finishing instructions, and color photos of the finished project. More

DIY Porch Swing Plan from Simply Designing

A wooden porch swing on a deck.
Simply Designing

Ashley Phipps from Simply Designing has come with this beautiful DIY porch swing plan that's casual but at the same time beautiful to look at.

The plan includes color photos, a supply list, step-by-step directions, diagrams, and finishing suggestions. More

Outdoor Pallet Swing Plan from The Sorry Girls

A porch swing made out of a pallet.
The Sorry Girls

With two pallets, rope, paint, and some basic tools you can make this outdoor pallet swing that's going to look great anywhere in your yard. Making it even sweeter, you can make this for around $30.

There's a tool list, materials list, written directions, and photos to help you complete this beginner freidnly project.

Porch Swing Plan from Skil

A red porch swing.

Here's a free porch swing plan from Skil that will build you a 4 foot long swing with a curved edge and high back for comfort.

Inside the PDF of this free porch plan are blueprints, color photos, written directions, materials and cutting list, and shopping list. More

BuildEazy's Porch Swing Plan

A porch swing in a large yard.

This is a fairly simple to complete porch swing plan that is perfect for the beginner. The final product will certainly hide the fact of just how easy it was to build.

A hardware list, cut list, directions, photos, and user comments will help you complete this project with ease. More

Free Porch Swing Plan from My Outdoor Plans

A porch swing in a garage.
My Outdoor Plans

You'll be able to use this porch swing plan to make your family a swing in a single weekend. Use cedar, redwood, or pine to create this weather-resistant piece of art.

You'll find a materials list, tools list, diagrams, written instructions, and tips on staining all in this free porch swing plan. More

2x4 Porch Swing Plan from Jay's Custom Creations

An unfinished porch swing in a yard.
Jay's Custom Creations

Build this porch swing and it will only take you around 5 hours and $40. Now that's a nice trade-off!

This is an excellent free porch swing plan that includes a PDF file with step-by-step directions and diagrams. There's also a video that will take you through the whole building process. More

DIY Garden Swing Plan from Sunset Magazine

A yellow porch swing in a garden.
Sunset Magazine

This high-back porch swing plan from Sunset Magazine connects to a porch or branch from rope or hemp that is tied into the arms.

Download this free porch swing plan and you'll get a materials list, color photos, diagrams, written instructions, and valuable building tips. More

Rustic Porch Swing Plan from DIY Network

Here's a free plan from DIY Network that will show you how to build a custom porch swing, just the length you want. This is a more difficult project that will build you a rustic swing as well as the frame.

The step-by-step directions will guide you through determining the size of the bench, designing the seat and seat back, cutting the lumber, assembling the frame, filling everything in, and then attaching the hardware. More

Mother Earth News' Porch Swing Plan

This free plan isn't only for a porch swing but also for a stand. This means that you can build this beauty and put it anywhere you want.

You'll find full-size templates, building diagrams, parts list, detailed written instructions, and color pictures included in this free porch swing plan.

Included are instructions on how to make wooden screw plugs to finish up your project. More

Classic Porch Swing Plan from Extreme How-To

Here's a free porch swing plan for a very classic looking swing that would look great on your front porch.

Diagrams, color photos, materials list, and instructions, are all included in this free porch swing plan. More