Free Photo Collage Makers

Create a Custom Collage With These Free Photo Collage Makers

You can use a free photo collage maker to create a collage that you can use for business purposes or just for personal use. A collage can be made for online viewing or to be printed out.

The options are endless on the type of collage you can design with these free photo collage makers. There are hundreds of templates and styles so you can easily and quickly create a collage perfect for whatever you'll be using it for.

Each free photo collage maker below has numerous layouts so you can create a collage with one photo or a dozen photos. Their tools will help you tweak and change the design so it looks great and is uniquely yours.

If you need some photos for your collage, here are some free stock images you can use. You may also want to use a free photo resizer, online photo editor, or photo editing app, to get your photos ready for the collage.


Screenshot of PicMonkey, the online collage maker
© PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a very intuitive online photo collage maker that lets you open multiple images at once from your computer, Dropbox, Facebook, or Flickr, and you can share your collage to places like Tumbr, Pinterest, and over email.

Over 20 collage layouts are available that you can switch between at any time, and the photos you've already added to the collage will automatically adjust to the new layout. You can also make your own layout by simply dragging and dropping photos anywhere you want them.

If you don't want to use your own pictures, PicMonkey has over 50 textures you can use instead.

The collage can be sized to a custom pixel height and width and the background spacing can be adjusted and colored or left transparent. You can also make the corners of the images round.

The rotation and exposure of each individual photo can also be modified, and you can open the whole collage in the PicMonkey online photo editor to do further enhancements. More


Screenshot of the free online collage maker BeFunky
© BeFunky

BeFunky is another wonderful online photo collage maker that lets you edit in fullscreen mode to provide an even greater work area. 

Around 100 collage templates are freely available with even more options if you choose to pay for them. Of the free ones, there are layouts made specifically for a birthday card, Facebook cover, Pinterest, baby shower, and more.

Adjusting the size of the whole photo collage is extremely simple. You can click and drag the edges, enter a custom pixel size, or drag a size bar left or right.

Over 80 images are available from BeFunky that you can apply as images in the collage or as the background. The background can instead be a custom color or transparent.

Tons of clip art images and font types can be used, and you can overlap the two and work with them as if they were in separate layers.

BeFunky makes it easy to edit the entire collage with its online photo editor. After making edits, you can even go back to the collage builder and continue working on it, which is great.

Images can be opened from and saved back to your BeFunky or Facebook account as well as your computer. When ready to save the collage, you can also choose Tumblr, Twitter, or Flickr. More


Screenshot of the free online photo collage maker Canva

Canva is another free online photo collage maker. I like it because it's super user-friendly, auto-saves, has features you'd expect a collage maker to have, is flexible, and just looks very nice overall.

There are more than 100 templates you can choose from including some very attractive and useful ones, such as layouts that are a perfect fit for a Facebook cover image, an Instagram post, and a business card.

Text designs, background textures, solid colors, and over a million free images are available, such as buttons, banners, lines, grids, shapes, frames, icons, and arrows.

Layering is supported with Canva, which means you can freely move your text, images, and other things around on the screen, inserting objects behind and in front of others to make a truly unique photo collage. This means you can add multiple images to your collage and have them each use a different grid layout, which most collage makers don't allow.

After each of your photos have been placed onto the canvas, you can apply a filter, flip your images, and crop them however you wish. 

Your collages can be shared with the public through a unique URL, which can be viewed by anyone, even if they don't use Canva. However, you can also share an editable version of your collage, which lets other Canva members with your URL edit your collage.

Images can be uploaded from your computer as well as imported from your Facebook account, and you can save your collages to your computer as a PNG and/or PDF.

Note: Be sure to check that you're using free resources (layouts, text, images, etc.) before you spend too much time editing your collage. If you aren't using free ones, you'll be prompted to pay for the collage before you can download it.


Screenshot of the online collage maker pikage
© pikage

If you need a simple photo collage maker that you don't have to download, pikage is a great choice. There aren't any editing tools included, but it does provide a quick way to make a nice looking collage.

You can upload up to 10 images from your computer and there are 6 layouts available. As you continue making the collage, you're given the option to apply a filter. There are 11 filters you can choose from but only one can be applied to the collage.

You can drag and drop images between the cells of the layout for a custom appearance, and you can easily zoom in and out to make a picture appear larger or smaller.

Once you've finished using pikage, you can save the collage to your computer, copy its public URL, or share it over email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google Plus. More


Screenshot of the online collage maker iPiccy

iPiccy has over 60 collage layouts, some of which are very unique. There are four sections that hold basic ones, layouts meant to show a large image surrounded my smaller ones, jigsaw layouts, and advanced ones that splice your photos up into unique shapes.

You can make the background color transparent or any color as well as adjust the spacing between the images, the roundness of the collage’s edges, and the total pixel size of the whole collage. iPiccy also provides pre-configured collage sizes so you can make one that fits perfectly for Facebook, Twitter, a desktop wallpaper, and other places.

Drag and drop is supported so you can easily adjust where the photos go, and you can even customize what part of the image should appear in its section of the collage. 

You can save your collage to your computer as a JPG or PNG file, and you can also share it over Facebook through the iPiccy website. More


Screenshot of Photovisi

Though a watermark is placed on it when finished, Photovisi is a neat online collage maker. It’s easy to use and lets you customize things most of these other collage makers don’t.

Only one layout is available but you are able to customize it by moving the image sections anywhere you like, adjusting their opacity, altering their size, and adding a shadow.

Also available are lots of shapes, like hearts, and a text tool, both of which you can move anywhere you like on the collage.

Several textures and images are available from Photovisi that you can apply as a background, or you can upload your own picture.

Note: When you go to save your collage to your computer, you’ll be told you must purchase a high quality download if you don’t want the watermark, but you can exit that window and still download it with a watermark for free. More

Screenshot of the free online collage maker at
© is another intuitive photo collage maker that works entirely online, which means you don't need to download any software to use it.

You can add multiple images at once from your computer or choose some from Facebook. You can also search for public images on Google, Instagram, and Flickr. Another way to add photos to your collage is to email them to the address displayed on the website.

In addition to a regular rectangle, you can pick from tons of layouts shapes as different objects. These are found in categories like Romantic, Family/Baby, Places, Simple Shapes, Travel/Outdoors, Sports, and more.

Your collage can be portrait or landscape, each image can optionally have a thin or "torn paper" border, and dozens of free backgrounds are available. You can also add a title to the top or bottom of the collage and optionally apply a photo filter to all the images.

In addition to freely downloading your collage, you can also send it to someone's physical address as a postcard at absolutely no cost. Another option is to have it printed on a blanket, mug, shower curtain, canvas, or poster, among other objects. The public URL is also displayed when you're done editing, and it's easy to share it on a few social media sites.

Note: You must create a free account at before you can download your photo collage. More


Screenshot of a photo collage made using FotoJet

Another free online photo collage maker can be found at FotoJet. I like it because it's very easy to use, doesn't require any software downloads, won't save with a watermark, and isn't cluttered with lots of tools and unnecessary screens.

Choosing a collage layout at FotoJet really couldn't be easier. Over 190 of them are categorized in sections for artistic collages, modern ones, and creative layouts, but also more specific ones such as Baby, Thank You, Facebook Cover, Graduation, and Wedding, among others.

You can also browse through the photo collage layouts by ones that are new to the site and those that are the most popular.

After you've chosen a layout, you can add images from Facebook and/or your computer, and then just drag and drop them onto the collage to arrange them however you wish.

Images can be edited from the collage with the built-in editing tools, which include flipping and rotating the pictures, applying a filter, and modifying exposure, saturation, brightness, and more.

Collages at FotoJet can be saved to your computer as an image file as well as shared directly over Facebook. More


Screenshot of the online photo collage maker called piZap
© piZap

piZap has dozens upon dozens of photo collage layouts. You can use a basic shape like squares or more unique ones such as hearts, stars, and framed layouts.

Images can be imported from your computer, taken with a webcam, or copied from your Facebook or Instagram account. There are also many images freely available from piZap. 

The way piZap handles adding photos to a collage means you can upload just one picture at a time, which means it may take a little longer to create a collage than with some of these other photo collage makers.

The background is editable in that you can use any color or photo as the collage’s background. You can also edit the borders and optionally round their corners of the images you’ve added.

Around 40 effects are just a click away so you can add a nice touch to the entire collage. There are also tons of stickers, a text tool, frames, and more ways to customize your collage.

You can download your collage, save it online, and/or share it over Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. More


Screenshot of Ribbet's photo collage maker

Ribbet has two ways you can make a collage. One is by building a shape from your images and the other is by building an image from a pre-set shape.

You can open images from and save your collage to your computer, Facebook, Picasa, and Flickr. You can also import images from any other website by just entering its URL.

Once you’ve added photos to a collage, they can be rotated, flipped, and zoomed to create a nice fit in the collage’s grid.

Some unique features you’ll find with Ribbet are settings for Kookiness, Roundedness, Columns, Rows, and Spacing, which gives you fine control over how the overall collage appears.

If you're building a shape from your images, you have the option for basic geometric shapes like stars and squares, but also speech bubbles, beach objects, wedding icons, and plenty of other interesting options.

Once you’ve finished building your collage, the entire image is sent to Ribbet’s photo editor, where you can make advanced changes to the colors and add effects, text, frames, stickers, and more.

Note: You can upload just one image at a time unless you create a free account, which then allows you to send up to 100 photos to Ribbet to use in a collage. More


Screenshot of the BeezMap online collage maker
© BeezMap

BeezMap lets you build a collage using one of around 80 fixed form layouts or by creating your own layout, called a free form layout.

You can select pictures from your computer or use BeezMap’s search tool to import some from online. In either method, you can import just one photo at​ a time.

The edges of the images can be colored or have a pattern applied to them. You can also add text to the collage, use a paintbrush to paint any color onto the collage, and do some light editing like add blur and customize a picture’s hue, saturation, and brightness. There are also several image effects that can be applied to any of the collage’s images.

Note: You must create a free account with BeezMap to download your collage. More

Screenshot of
© lets you create your own collage layout and resize, position, and rotate your photos with extreme ease.

After uploading images from your computer (up to 10) you must choose a background and collage frame as well as select the height and width you prefer. The size is predetermined, so you can’t use to create a collage with a specified width and height like you can with some of these other photo collage makers.

Text can be added, images can have a colored frame, and several images are available from that you can add to the collage, like text bubbles and Christmas objects.

In addition to downloading it, saving your collage gives you the option to save it online so you can share the URL with others, and even publish it publicly. More

Screenshot of
© is another online photo collage maker that has lots of layouts to choose from. It's easy to pick one you want because they're clearly marked as to how many images can fit into the layout (from 3 to 29) and what you may want to use it for, such as a Facebook cover.

You can auto-fill your images into the collage or manually drag and drop them into specific cells.

Click Generate the collage button when you're finished, and then wait for the high resolution image to be created. In addition to downloading the collage to your computer, you can also buy a poster, canvas, or acrylic glass with the image printed to it.

Note: You must promote's website using one of the social media buttons on the download page before you can save your image. More


Screenshot of KoalaCollage
© KoalaCollage

KoalaCollage is super easy to use. Select one of around 25 layouts, add some images and text, and then save it to your computer in one of four resolutions.

Drag and drop is supported and the entire collage maker is condensed and not confusing to use in the slightest.

When you're finished, you can also share it over Facebook. More


Screenshot of the online collage maker ShakeMyPics
© Daniel Steward

ShakeMyPics is much different than the other photo collage makers in this list because instead of putting images into a template, ShakeMyPics builds a template from your images.

Start by choosing any of the 80+ shapes and then upload the photos you want to use. It’s recommended to upload 200 pictures so none are repeated. The last step shows you a preview of the collage, and you before you save it, you can optionally change the pixel size and add a simple border.

You can download the photo collage to your computer as well as view a public URL you can use for sharing it online. More


Screenshot of Kizoa
© Kizoa

After creating a free account, Kizoa functions as another awesome photo collage maker. There are tons of stickers, images, and backgrounds you can apply to your collage as well as effects, filters, and frames you can add to the pictures.

Every collage template is completely customizable, which means you can move the images around freely. The pictures can be zoomed in to reveal a specific part of the photo or left as simply resized to show the whole thing.

You can import photos from your Facebook account or create a collage from ones you upload from your computer. When you’re finished, you can email your collage, post it on Facebook, and/or save it to your computer.

Note: There are plenty more features in this photo collage maker that would make it one of my favorites to use except that some of them are not free to use. Also, a watermark is placed on the corner of your collage when you save it to your computer. More