10 Free Online Career Tests

Identify the Career You May be Interested in With These Free Tests

A free career test is an online test that will ask you a series of questions and then make career path suggestions for you. These are great to take if you're trying to figure out a new career or simply just being more curious about your strengths.

Each of these free career tests are different and will show you the results in a slightly different way. I suggest taking a few of them and you'll begin to see that your personality and preferences are sending you toward a particular type of career.

Looking for more free online tests to take? Find out more about yourself with these free personality tests and free IQ tests.

Free Online Career Test at 123test.com

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Take this free online career test for a list of occupations that best fit the type of personality you have. You don't need to create a user account to take the test or to see your results.

It works by showing you 15 sets of 4 images. Each image is an illustration of a particular job duty, such as taking photos, carrying a suitcase, or using hand tools. You need to choose one image that you find most appealing, and one that you like the least.

When finished, choose the highest level of education that you want your job match to require. The results will show you 20 suggested occupations that are based on your personality and educational requirements. More

Free Online Career Test at Your Free Career Test

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Without having to register or fill out any unnecessary information, just visit YourFreeCareerTest.com to take this 56 question career test.

The results page shows shows what level of interest you probably have when it comes to certain job categories, like 92% - Technology Careers and 83% - Culinary Careers, among others, as well as your interest level for broader job descriptions like 33% - Outdoors and Physical Careers. Within each of these types of categories are specific job titles associated with them.

A link to your results is shown at the end of the test so you can refer to them later or share them with someone. More

Free Online Career Test from CareerColleges.com

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The free career test at CareerColleges.com is said to find careers you're probably interested in based on your thoughts, habits, and actions.

There are 15 questions in this test that each have 5 multiple choice options. Questions range from asking whether you're a hands-on worker or idea person, if you're detail-oriented or "go with the flow," and whether or not you like to follow instructions.

Once your answers have been scored, you'll be given one career that the test thinks you're best fit for, including a short explanation on why it was chosen. More

Free Online Career Test at What Career Is Right For Me?

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This career test is broken up into 4 sections: The first asks you to rate your skill level for various attributes, the second has you choose your interest level when it comes to certain activities and subjects, the third has you rate how closely various work styles match your personality, and the final step has you rate how important different values are to you.

Recommended careers are then shown that are based on your answers. Clicking any of them gives you information about the tasks someone of that career normally must undergo, the key skills that are required to excel in that profession, and other information like the average salary and educational requirements. More

FunEducation's Free Online Career Test

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FunEducation's free online career test is very long, with 485 total questions. A user account is required to view your results and to save your progress if you wish to stop early to take a break, so be sure to create an account before you begin.

One question asks "Find it difficult to approach others", and another is "Come up with a solution right away". With these questions and every other one you're given, you must choose how accurate it applies to you. You're given 5 multiple choice options to choose from, from Very Inaccurate to Very Accurate, with three varying options in between.

There are three different reports you can view for free when you're finished with the quiz: Big 5/45 Personality Profile Report, Career Area Predicted Preferences (CAPP) Report, and 305 Job Extended CAPP Report. The last report is the one that gives you the top 3 recommended professions based on your answers, while the others reports show interests and activities you may enjoy based on your personality type.

Note: You may see some advertisements or offers at the end of this test that could be difficult to get past, but so long as you've finished answering all of the questions, you can access your results from the Results page in your account. More

Free Online Career Test at SimilarMinds.com

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After taking this 55 question quiz, you'll be given a personality type based on the SLOAN personality system and a large list of careers that people with that personality type are normally drawn to.

Each question has you identify how accurate the statement is to you, such as the statement "Danger is the spice of life." Each one has 5 multiple choice options ranging from Very Inaccurate to Very Accurate, and you can choose the middle option if it's around 50% accurate. More

Free Online Career Test at CareerThesaurus

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This is a short career test that asks 10 questions using large interactive pictures. It works by showing you two different types of people in the picture, and you must choose which one you most relate to so that the test can get an understanding on your personality.

The final question has you choose interests that are important to you, such as hand labor, working with people, working with numbers, politics & strategy, using body strength, etc.

When finished, the results page lists the type of job you are likely interested in. You can view the results for free online as well as provide your email address if you want to get them emailed to you. More

The Princeton Review's Free Online Career Test

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The Princeton Review has this free career test that asks 24 questions where each question poses two (sometimes opposing) answers, and you must choose the one that best fits your personality or desires.

For example, one question reads "I would rather be an auditor" and "I would rather be a musician". The idea is to choose the option that you're most interested in or can relate to the most.

The results of this quiz puts you in one of four color categories that each mean something different and has different careers associated with them, such as Blue, which indicates interests in planning.

A list of careers matching that type of personality are then shown in the Recommended Careers section. More

Sokanu's Free Online Career Test

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Sokanu uses your personality, workplace ideals, goals, interests, and history to formulate the best career path for you. This free version can match you against 50 jobs, whereas the premium quiz utilizes over 500.

Each question has 5 answer choices that ask how much you would like to do something, with the options Hate it, Dislike it, Neutral, Like it, and Love it.

As you move through the quiz, recommended careers show up at the bottom of the screen. When the test is over, you can sort the job matches alphabetically or by best fit, interests, or competitiveness. Clicking any of the recommended careers will show more information about the job duties and workplace environment.

You must create a free account to take the career test at Sokanu. More

Free Online Career Test at CareerQuizzes.com

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Take this 20 question career quiz to get an idea as to the type of career you may want to pursue.

Questions range from asking about specific job desires to general questions about your personality. Some questions have just a few options for an answer, but others may have more like six or eight.

The results page shows you what you may be best fit for. For example, it may report that you would make a good writer, in which case an author, publisher, editor, or reporter may be a job you'd be interested in. More