4 Best Free Money Saving Travel Apps

Find Travel Deals on Your Smartphone or Tablet

My picks for the best iPhone, iPad and Android travel deal apps find the cheapest rates for hotels, airfare and car rentals. Some apps also find entertainment and other local deals that you can use while on a vacation or other type of trip.

Best iPhone and Android Apps - December 2013 

To qualify for my list, the apps had to meet the following criteria:

  1. Work on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and Android apps must work on phones and tablets.
  2. Each app had to have a cumulative score of at least 4 stars (1-5 star scale) from a sufficient number of user reviews on Google Play and iTunes app stores.
  3. The apps had to present deals for hotels, rental vehicles and airlines. There are some good apps that compare air are or hotel deals, but they are not listed here.
  4. Have a free price tag.

Travelocity is a popular service that is noticeably missing from my list of top money saving travel apps. Unfortunately, the Travelocity Android app rates a 3.5 at this time. The most current iOS app rates a 4.5, but with only 7 reviews. The previous rating was 2 stars, so I can't recommend it. Maybe it will make next year's list in December, 2014.

More best apps of the year:

Kayak Travel App

Kayak travel deal app on an Android tablet.

The Kayak app for iOS and Android compares travel deals across multiple providers and sports a very simple interface. Take a look at photos, reviews and a map for hotel deals. Compare air fare and rental vehicles after you narrow down your search by a number of options. Click on Select to lock in a deal and make your reservations. Manage a travel itinerary, keep an eye on flight status and airport information while traveling and get price alerts on your phone or tablet.

  • Kayak for Android is rated 4.5 stars on Google Play. Requires Android 2.1 and up.
  • Download Android app
  • Kayak for iOS rates 4.5 on iTunes. Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Available in English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.
  • Download Kayak iOS app

Orbitz Flights, Hotels, Cars

Orbitz travel deal app on an iPhone.

The Orbitz app for iOS or Android presents a more attractive, less simplified look compared to Kayak, and you can log in with your Facebook or Google+ account. Compare ratings and prices for hotels and read reviews before booking a room. Compare air fare and rental cars as well, and book those from within the app. Itineraries can be viewed even when you don't have a data or wifi connection, and you can sign up for Orbitz travel savings program.

  • Orbitz for Android is rated at 4.3 in the Google Play store. You'll need to be running at least Android 2.3 to use the app. Download the Android app
  • The Orbitz app for iOS is rated at 4.5 stars. It requires iOS 7.0 or later, and is available in English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and many other languages. Download the iOS app

Travelzoo App

Travelzoo iPhone app.
Travelzoo Inc.

The Travelzoo app shows you the weekly Top 20 list of the best-of-the-best deals to save money on travel and entertainment. Deals include cruises, vacation packages and local deals as well as hotel, car rental and airfare. Buy vouchers for deals directly from the app after comparing offerings, details and maps.

  • Travelzoo for Android rates 4.2 in the Google Play store. You will need at least Android 2.1 to use the app. International editions include United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, Australia, Japan and Hong Kong.
  • Download the Android app
  • Travelzoo for iOS rates 4.5 in the iTunes app store and requires iOS 5.0 or higher. International support is the same as listed above for Android.
  • Download the iOS app

Priceline Hotels, Flights and Cars App

Priceline mobile apps for iPhone, Android and iPad.

You can't miss the unique advertising Priceline has put out in recent years with William Shatner as the Priceline Negotiator. You can do some of your own negotiating to save travel dollars with the Priceline app by using the Name Your Own Price feature for car rental and hotel rates. Using this feature, you can save up to 60% on hotels and up to 40% on car rentals. You can also search for and compare airfare deals. Express Deals and Tonight Online Deals offer big discounts on for same day hotel reservations. Purchase reservations and tickets quickly by using Google Wallet.

This apps has a new look for iOS 7 with better date selection calendars, faster hotel checkout, improved area maps for hotels and Express Deals are easier to find.

  • The Priceline Android app requires Android 2.3 or later, and it rates 4.1 in the Google Play store.
  • Download the Android app
  • Priceline for iOS rates 4.0 in the iTunes app store and requires iOS 6.0 or later. The app is available in English and French.
  • Download the iOS app