Free Microsoft Word Job Offer Letter Templates

A collection of free templates to help you write job offer letters

Job Offer Letter. Image Copyright Elena Aliaga

Microsoft Word has templates for a wide variety of business needs, but if you’re seeking a template to help you write a job offer letter, you’ll have better luck looking to outside sources. Several sites offer free downloads of templates compatible with Word. Here’s a rundown of the top sources.
This site promises more than 31 job offer templates for free download, available in both Word and PDF format. indicates that its offer letter templates will help you make the expectations and contingencies of the offer clear to new employees so you can avoid any confusion. The offer letter templates guide you in including necessary information, such as name, date, title, job offer, salary info, job description, contacts and contact information, sender’s name and legal disclaimers.

This site offers a single job offer letter template that is compatible with Word. However, you get the added bonus of having access through the template to, which helps you customize the template according to your needs. Should you have questions on the legalities of your phrasing, RocketLawyer offers a question-and-answer service.

TidyForms offers a number of business-related templates, including three job offer letter templates, available in both Word and PDF format. The offer letters vary based on the type of employment you are offering, from a full-time permanent position with benefits to a part-time hourly contract position.

You download the templates onto the website and use from there.

Fast Business Plans
Fast Business Plans has one “Offer of Employment” template, for both Word and PDF, for a full-time, benefited position.

WriteExpress doesn’t have templates per se, but it does post several sample offer letters that you can cut and paste into your own Word business letterhead template.

The samples range from a simple single-paragraph job offer to an extensive letter covering all possible benefits and legalities.

FormSwift doesn't provide a downloadable template; instead, it takes you through a step-by-step process to create a free job offer letter customized to your specific needs. FormSwift guarantees the offer letter will be legally binding in the state of employment, and after you've completed it, you can print and export it to Word or PDF.

LawDepot offers one free template on its website. You fill in the boxes with all the relevant information, and then click to download and print the offer letter. You don't have a lot of choice in style or content, but the whole process takes about five minutes, and you're done!

Please Note: Not all templates may work with all versions of Word, so check before you download. Look for a message next to the download button advising if there are restrictions.

Creating Your Own Template

Microsoft does offer numerous letterhead templates, which you can customize to your business and add your own wording. Here are a few sample job offer letters you can use to create your own template: