Free Microsoft Letter Templates

Microsoft Letter Templates for Microsoft Word

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Microsoft letter templates can be used to create a variety of letters; they are available as a free download for Microsoft Word users and they are accessible within your Word program.There are letter templates for cover letters, resignation letters, reference letters, thank you letters, interview letters and a variety of business letters.

The template can be used to ensure that you include all the necessary details in your letter.

However, keep in mind that a template is simply meant to be a guide and you'll need to edit the letter to customize and personalize it.

Available Microsoft Letter Templates

Microsoft Word Cover Letter Templates
Microsoft cover letter templates are available for a variety of circumstances. Add your personal information to the template to create cover letters you can use for a variety of types of job applications.

Microsoft Word Interview Thank You Letters
Microsoft interview letter templates include letters to use to create an interview thank you or follow up letter.

Microsoft Word Reference Letter Templates
Microsoft Word reference letter template options include general reference letters, letters requesting a reference, letters thanking a reference, and other reference letter samples. Edit these templates to create your own reference letters.

Microsoft Resignation Letter Templates
Microsoft resignation letter templates, designed to fit a variety of scenarios, are available as a free download for Microsoft Word users.

More Free Microsoft Templates
Microsoft letter templates are available as a free download for Microsoft Word users, or are available within your Word program, to use to create a variety of letters. There are letter templates for cover letters, resignation letters, reference letters, thank you letters, interview letters, and a variety of business letters.

How to Download a Letter Template

To access these cover letters from your computer: Open Microsoft Word, then click on: File>New>Templates or New from Template

Click on either:
Templates on Office Online (browse a large selection) or Templates on My Computer>Letters (a variety of letter templates)

To access the templates online:

Visit Microsoft Letter Templates, browse the letter templates, then click on the letter title to preview the template. Click the Download Now button, then follow the instructions to download the letter template to your computer.

Use the Letter Template to Create a Customized Letter

Once you have downloaded or opened a letter template file, type over the text in the file to create your own, personalized letter.

Create Your Own Template

If you can't find a template that suits your needs or perhaps you want to merge some elements of a couple templates, you can create your own.

  • Click File and then click New.
  • Click Blank document, and then click Create.
  • Make any revisions you want to the margin size, page size, etc.
    You can also add any content or graphics that you want to appear in all new documents with this template.
  • Click File and then Save As. For Windows 7, in the dialog box, scroll to the top of the folder list, and under Microsoft Word, click Templates. Name your new template, choose Word Template in the Save as Type list, and then click Save.

    Note: Not all templates may work with all versions of Word, so before you download, check for a message next to the download button advising if there are restrictions.