Best Free Marketing Techniques To Get Your Business Noticed

Want to make an impact for your business but don't have a lot of marketing dollars? Read on for some of our favorite low-cost marketing techniques. 

Guest Blogging

A blogger making money online by building an audience
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New marketing strategies often focus on creating a blog that puts out great content that touts the prime features of a product or service. But it's tough to get traction when you're starting out and if that's the case for your business, guest blogging or article marketing may be for you. Offering valuable targeted content to an established blog that also happens to market your business can be a win-win situation. Check out these guest blogging tips.

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Emulate a hit show

Photo: Broad City Facebook Page

Broad City is the little show that it seems like everyone's talking about. The comedy starring Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson and featuring the comedic hijinks of two single women in New York City actually started as a web series and was later picked up by Comedy Central. Now the popular show is being covered by many popular newspapers and blogs and has a large social media following. But what's the key to the show's seemingly overnight success? A lot of behind the scenes work, it seems -- and critical lessons that can help anyone seeking to grow a grass-roots initiative.

And it turns out that there was a lot of strategy at work in the show's popularity. "We had both worked these different jobs that dealt with dealing with the Internet and using social media," Jacobson told NPR last year of working at jobs that eventually informed the show's success. 

Here are some tips from Broad City on building a hit out of your product. More


Forced perspective fun on Instagram
Forced perspective fun on Instagram. Arzie's Instagram

If you're wondering what's so great about Instagram...the answer is definitely pictures of puppies, gelato, and sunsets, but for marketers, it's also that Instagram has represented a unique foothold on mobile marketing. As an increasing segment of the adult population owns smart phones, Instagram is a great way to get your message in front of people who might want to buy your product. 


Build Your Email List

The beauty of email marketing is that it is the perfect way to build prospects that have decided they want to hear more from you and about your product, service, or advice. Take advantage of it, grow your list, and watch your customer base grow. Use networks like Facebook, Twitter andLinkedIn to grow you email list. Here's how.

Reuse Your Best Content

When you become familiar with your business' product, you forget how much gold you have in the archives. For most business owners, pictures are one of the easiest things to collect -- product shots if you sell a physical product, or perhaps stock photography if you are a service provider. Description of your services or a product catalogue can also be bedrocks of a content strategy. Do you have press clips? Use them. Finally, if your website has a description of how you founded the business, be sure and leverage that on social.

Create a "content inventory" in Excel or Google Spreadsheet. List the type of content (picture, video, text), as well as a description and copy you can use on the various social networks. More

Create Low Cost Videos

Making a video doesn't have to break the bank -- but just be sure not to get in legal hot water by using copyright protected media without permission. 

When you make content for social media, you want to to get attention for the right reasons. You also want to sidestep the legal hassle and cost of legal proceedings. That's why it pays to look into permission before you use a song or a photograph or any other type of media. You'll save yourself a lot of headache if your spot becomes massively popular -- and a disgruntled rights holder comes calling looking for a slice of the action. 

Here's how to find free or low-cost media material for your promos.