843 Free Mandala Coloring Pages

Relax While You Create With These Free Mandala Coloring Pages

Take a deep breath and relax with these free mandala coloring pages just for the adults. In just a few minutes time, you'll have a mandala all printed out and ready to be colored.

Many adults now color as a way to relax and get creative. These mandalas, with their patterns that flow and swirl, are especially helpful in calming your mind and encouraging you to let go of your day.

There are more than 800 mandala coloring pages here, so you're sure to find something whether you're new to grown-up coloring or you've been into it for years.

There's a great variety of mandalas in every shape imaginable, from a circular one to even one shaped like your favorite animal. You'll love these unique mandalas, most in abstract form but some in geometric, floral, and animal form. 

You can find more free coloring pages for grown-ups if you're looking for more coloring fun, relaxation, and creativity. These include all kinds of adult coloring pages with animals, flowers, abstract designs, inspirational quotes, and more.

My favorite type of pens to use when I color are Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens. They are smooth and pigmented, and I can't recommend them enough. There are a lot of fancy papers you can print them on but I prefer regular copy paper. Use your kids crayons or markers if you'd like, you'll be surprised at what nice results you'll get.

Printable Mandala Coloring Pages from Monday Mandala

"Center of Ganden" mandala
Monday Mandala

Monday Mandala has close to 70 free Mandala coloring pages that include intricate lines, swirls, and curves of both abstract and nature-based designs.

This website is clean and simple and it's easy to find and print the mandala you'd like to color. More

Mandala Coloring Pages from Coloring Pages for Mom

A floral mandala coloring pages.
Color Pages for Mom

Coloring Pages for Mom has more than 50 free mandala coloring pages made especially for the grown-ups.

Scroll through the pages of the coloring pages until you see a mandala that you'd like to color. You'll see floral, animal, circular, geometric, and more unique mandalas in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Click on the thumbnail to get the larger version of the coloring page and then use the link to get a full page mandala without any ads. More

Coloring Castle's Free Mandala Coloring Pages

An intricate mandala coloring sheet.
Coloring Castle

There are four pages worth of mandala coloring pages over at Coloring Castle, each more interesting than the last.

There are mandalas here that feature hearts, stars, circles, sun, moon, butterflies, art deco design, peace signs, flowers, palms, stripes, pearls, and many more abstract designs.

It's very easy to print these coloring pages, just click on the thumbnail to open then PDF file. Then you're all ready to print and color. More

Free Mandala Coloring Pages from The Open Mind

A mandala cat coloring page.
The Open Mind

With almost 30 free mandala coloring pages, you won't want to miss this great collection put together by The Open Mind.

Swirls, leaves, circles, triangles, diamonds, stripes, and lines make up some of the abstract mandalas here. You'll also find a mask mandala and several animal mandalas featuring cats and owls. 

These are full-size thumbnails, so it's easy to scroll through and get a great look at all the mandala coloring sheets. Use your mouse to open the image in a new tab and then you can print directly from your browser. More

Advanced Mandala Coloring Pages from Hello Kids

A sun mandala coloring sheet.
Hello Kids

Hello Kids is one of my favorite go-to spots for coloring pages and it doesn't disappoint in its collection of mandala coloring pages. In fact, these are all considered "expert" mandalas. 

Besides the abstract mandalas, there are also mandalas featuring a lion, turtle, and an owl.

Hover over each coloring page to get a closer look and click when you're ready to choose one. Use the Hello Kids' tools to print the coloring sheet or color it online. More

Printable Mandala Coloring Pages from 100% Mandalas

A bird mandala coloring page.
100% Mandalas

I love how these free mandala coloring pages are organized. You'll find them listed under categories of characters, flowers and vegetation, geometric patterns, zen and anti-stress, and animals.

As an added bonus, these mandalas are also organized by difficultly level - easy, normal, difficult, and very difficult. This makes it easy if you're new to coloring mandalas or if you're looking for something a bit challenging.

To print, click on the thumbnail and the use the printer icon to open up your browser's printer dialog box. You'll then be able to print the mandala just the way you'd like. More

Bored Panda's Free Mandala Coloring Pages

A butterfly themed mandala.
Bored Panda

You'll love browsing the collection of free mandala coloring pages over at BoredPanda because besides having the coloring page, there's also a scanned image of the mandala colored in. This gives you some inspiration and an idea of just how intricate the design will be.

Mandala designs include paisley doodle, flower and leaves, paisley, oriental, peacock, dragon eye, framed flower, and garden.

You'll need to click on the mandala coloring page thumbnail to get the largest version and then copy the image into a free word processing or photo editing program in order to print without any ads. More

Free Mandala Coloring Pages for Adults at AZ Coloring

A sun, moon, and stars mandala coloring sheet.
AZ Coloring

 AZ Coloring has a ton of free mandala coloring pages and they've indicated their most popular designs with a red banner.

There are floral, abstract, geometric, and animal mandalas here in varying difficulty levels. There are some really unique ones here that you won't want to miss.

Click on the mandala thumbnail to get a large image of it and then use the red button to print the coloring page from your browser. More

Mandala Coloring Pages from Canada Arts Connect

A floral mandala.
Canada Arts Connect

Canada Arts Connect has put together a collection of nearly 30 printable mandala coloring pages that are free for the taking.

There are some very interesting mandalas here (see the peacock and octopus ones) as well as some beautiful circular ones that would be so relaxing to take the time to color.

Click on the mandala twice to get it by itself and ready to print right from your browser.

Mandala Coloring Pages from Super Coloring

A free Mandala coloring page
Super Coloring

 Super Coloring has a whopping 370+ free Mandala coloring pages in categories such as Tibetan, Celtic, Floral, Abstract, Star, Geometric, Native American, Animal, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and more.

You'll find both simple and advanced Mandala coloring pages here as well as a section of recently added ones. 

You can choose to print the Mandalas or color them online. More