Free State Tax Filing Online for States Starting with M through N

Where to File State Taxes Online for Massachusetts through New Jersey

The links below take you to the official free state income tax filing websites for Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska and New Jersey. 

Very often, the tax software found on these websites do not include a tax interview, which is included in tax software like TurboTax or H&R Block At Home. Instead, you will fill out a form online. These forms usually do calculations for you. Most states include links to the IRS Free File program, which provides free tax software to many U.S. taxpayers, but not To everyone.

The sites also have links to tax forms that you can print out and mail in to pay your taxes. Not all states have an income tax, but a link is provided to the state tax authority for convenience.

You can also use tax software to file both your federal and state return.


Filing taxes online
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Massachusetts citizens can file a free state income tax return using WebFile for Income, which is offered through the Department of Revenue website. Compared to the online state tax filing applications offered in some other states, WebFile looks like it's more convenient to use. You can either go through your return step-by-step or identify the income, deductions, and credits that apply to your return to complete the return faster.


On the Michigan Department of Treasury Website, you'll find free eFile offers and "eFile for a Fee" offers. The free tax software listed available through the IRS Free File program, for which not everyone qualifies. The fee-based tax software listed links to well-known tax software found online.


The state of Minnesota does not offer its own state tax filing application.but it does list a number of online tax software options with complete pricing, including eFile fees which are sometimes omitted on the tax software website. the page also notes which tax software does not support all Minnesota tax schedules and forms.


The State of Mississippi Department of Revenue lists a number of online tax software options as well as IRS Free File tax software starting with free or reduced fee programs, on up through various paid programs. The free state tax filing requires the taxpayer to fall within certain criteria, depending on the tax software selected.


The Missouri Department of Revenue provides two lists to approved online tax software, one for free tax software for both state and federal income taxes (free if you qualify) and another for paid tax software. There is also a good explanation for each type of software and for filing electronically in general.


Taxpayer Access Point, or TAP, is the Montana Department of Revenue's free online state income tax filing application. TAP can be used for individual taxes as well as many other state tax payments as listed in the FAQ's.


NebFile is the free online state income tax filing software for the state of Nebraska, which is not tax preparation software, but does simple calculations and table look-ups for you. If you prefer step-by-step help, you'll have to pay for tax software. You must have been a resident for a full year along with some other qualifications to use NebFile.


Lucky Nevada residents, you have no income tax. If you need to file or pay other taxes in Nevada, We've provided the link to the Electronic Services page.

New Hampshire

There is no personal income tax in New Hampshire, but the state collects tax on interest and dividends income, inheritance, business taxes, consumer excise taxes and a few others. Use eFile New Hampshire to file and pay these taxes.

New Jersey

New Jersey offers free online state tax filing software called NJ WebFile, which can be used to file Form NJ-1040 for full-year residents and/or Property Tax Credit Applications (Form NJ-1040-H). Along with being a full year resident, you must also fall under other eligibility criteria. You may have to use Internet Explorer with NJ WebFile.