Free Heart Clip Art Images

Download Clip Art and Pictures of Hearts

Adding some heart clip art images and pictures of hearts to your latest print or online project can add some color, fun, and even a bit of romance. Whether you're working on a card, newsletter, brochure, or website, these free heart clip art images are going to look great.

Below you'll find the best places to find heart clip art that includes hearts in all different styles, sizes, and colors. All of the images are free for you to use for your personal projects.

If you can't get enough of this free heart clip art, be sure to check out my list of free Valentine's Day clip art where you'll find more hearts as well as cupids and flowers. There is plenty of other Valentine's Day freebies available as well.

Looking for a heart to print? Try these free heart templates!

Clker's Free Heart Clip Art

A large red heart with a black outline

You'll find a nice collection of over 3,000 free heart clip art images over at Clker that includes hearts in a variety of shapes, colors, and settings.

Clker makes it easy to download their heart clip art, and with most of the images you have the option of choosing a smaller or larger size depending on your needs. More

Free Heart Clip Art at Webweaver

Two heart balloons holding an envelope

There are two pages overflowing with heart clip art over at Webweaver.

You'll find hearts with chocolates, dancing hearts, and other very cute animated images of hearts doing all kinds of crazy stuff. More

Clipart Panda's Free Heart Clip Art

A red heart clip art image

On just a single page are over 100 free heart clip art here at Clipart Panda.

I like these images because while most of them are very basic, and so could be used for any purpose, each of them are still unique from the others. More

Free Heart Clip Art at 123Freevectors

Three pink hearts with a white bow

123Freevectors is another source of free heart clip art, with around 350 of them!

Most if not all of the clip art here are just links to other websites that have the download link. Most of them are ZIP files that have a JPG, AI, and EPS file so you can choose which format to work with. More

Free Heart Clip Art at

A gold heart with pink wings

I like going to to get free heart clip art not only because there are dozens of pages full of heart pictures, but because most of them can be download in a very large, high quality version.

Once on the download page, you can choose to download the heart clip art in a big, medium, or small image, as well as in the PDF or WMF format. More

Classroom Clipart's Free Heart Clip Art

A red heart hanging on an arrow
Classroom Clipart

Classroom Clipart's free heart clip art are categorized under their Valentine's Day clip art, so some of them may not be just a heart.

There are several pages of clip art here, so don't forget to look through all of the pages through the page links at the bottom of the Classroom Clipart website. More

Clip Art Guide's Heart Clip Art

A lavender heart
Clipaart Guide

Clip Art Guide has another group of around 50 lovely free heart clip art, including lots of love hearts in different colors.

Click on the heart clip art image you'd like to download and then use your mouse to save the image to your computer. More

Free Heart Clip Art Images from MyCuteGraphics

A sky blue heart

MyCuteGraphics has 50+ free heart clip art images that include hearts filled with solid colors, polka dots, and scribbles.

Click on the thumbnail and then use your mouse to save the clip art to your computer. More

Two Hearts Design's Heart Clip Art

A basket full of hearts
Two Hearts Design

Over at Two Hearts Design are five pages of heart clip art, all free for you to download.

There are single hearts, double hearts, borders, hollow hearts, and more.

Be sure to click on the heart clip art image you like to make it full sized before you save it. More

Free Heart Clip Art at

A red heart in an envelope
Free Clipart Pictures

There's only a few heart clip art images here but they are nice large colorful images that really deserve to be on the list.

Just right-click on the heart clip art you'd like to download and then save it to your computer. More

Packrat's Free Heart Clip Art

A heart outline made out of hearts

You'll find bubbly hearts, lacey hearts, hearts made up of flowers, and Victorian heart clip art over at Packrat's.

These really are some lovely images that would look great on your project. More