Free Halloween Clip Art Images

A List of the Best Places to Find Free Halloween Images

Halloween clip art can spruce up any Halloween project whether you're working on a printable Halloween card, party invitation, newsletter, flyer, or even decorations.

These Halloween clip art images are sure to bring your next Halloween project to the next level and you'll have plenty to choose from with all these choices of where to find the free Halloween clip art. There are images of witches, trick-or-treaters, graveyards, and everything in between.

You can find more Halloween clip art images in the list of free pumpkin clip art and free fall clip art. There are lots more Halloween freebies ​to explore that will save you money this Halloween.

Classroom Clipart's Collection of Free Halloween Clip Art

Three pumpkins that say "Happy Halloween"
Classroom Clip Art

There are pages after pages of free Halloween clip art at Classroom Clipart, adding up to 400+ spooky and fun images.

These are large bold images that will add some real interest to whatever Halloween project you're working on.

You'll find images of haunted houses, pumpkins, treasure chests, ghosts, witches, cats, skulls, monsters, and more.  More

Halloween Clip Art and Images at Public Domain Clip Art

A black and white monster hand clip art image
Public Domain Clip Art

There are nearly 300 spooky and fun Halloween clip art and images at Public Domain Clip Art. You'll see spiders, monsters, devils, vampires and more here.

If you're looking for black and white Halloween clip art, they have a ton of it here with a few colorful images thrown in. More

Lee Hansen Graphics Halloween Clip Art

A spooky ghost.
Lee Hansen

This website has Halloween clip art as well as some Day of the Dead graphics. There's a good mix of both fun and spooky clip art here so be sure to take a good look around.

Be sure to click on the image to get a bigger version before you save it. More

Free Halloween Images at Hellas Multimedia

A witch, skeleton, and pumpkin head celebrating Halloween
Hellas Multimedia

Hellas Multimedia has got all kinds of free Halloween clip art for you to use.

Browse through the categories to see Halloween images of jack o' lanterns, pumpkins, bats, cats, witches, spiders, ghosts, houses, lightning, skeletons, skulls, signs, greetings and more. More

Free Halloween Clip Art at Clipart Panda

A ghost at a graveyard
Clipart Panda

Clipart Panda has 100+ free Halloween clip art images that include bats, owls, pumpkins, candy corn, Mickey Mouse, ghosts, trick-or-treaters, the moon, cats, witches, haunted houses, monsters, and ghosts.

Click on an image and then use the "Download" button to get the full resolution of the image. More

Free Halloween Clip Art at

A scary jack 'o lantern

Some very cute Halloween clip art images await you at

There are some great images of pumpkins here with some monsters, ghosts, and trick-or-treaters thrown in. You might even come across the unsuspecting alien! More's Free Halloween Clipart

Three black bats flying.

An awesome collection of easy to use Halloween clipart waits for you at

Click on the images once to get the best image to download. They also provide a forum, HTML and myspace code for the images. More

Webweaver's Free Halloween Clipart

A witch flying in front of the moon.

Webweaver's has 5 fun pages of free Halloween clip art. These are some really fun Halloween images that range from the scary to silly.

Be sure to see more Halloween clip art at Webweaver's by scrolling to the bottom of the page. More

Halloween Clip Art, Gifs & Animations at

A haunted house with the grim reaper.

There are 7 pages of Halloween clip art, gifts, and animations at this website.

The HTML code provided makes it really easy to put these Halloween images into your website if that's what you choose to do. More

Hassle Free Clip Art's Free Halloween Clip Art

A jack o'lantern with a bat
Hassle Free Clipart

What a fun group of Halloween clip art images! These Halloween cartoon clip art graphics will bring a smile to your face and get you ready to have some Halloween fun.

Click on the image to get a larger graphic of the Halloween clip art you'd like to download. More

SpookySites' Halloween Clipart Collection

A vintage clip art image of children bobbing for apples
Spooky Sites

SpookySites has clip art of pumpkins, jack o' lanterns, skulls, skeletons, monsters, creatures, haunted houses, ghosts and witches.

If you're looking for free Halloween web graphics, SpookySites has animated GIFs and backgrounds as well. More

Free Halloween Clip Art Images at

A witch stirring a cauldron
Free Clipart Pictures

There are only a few Halloween clip art images here but they are large and bold pictures that are going to add a lot to the Halloween project you're working on.

There's a ton of categories of other types of clip art here, so if you're looking for something besides Halloween clip art, be sure to check them out. More

Free Halloween Clipart at Clips Ahoy

A pumpkin man
Clips Ahoy

You'll find free Halloween clip art of black cats, candy corn, the grim reaper, ghosts, haunted houses, mad scientists, skulls, spiders, witches, caskets, pumpkins, tombstones, vampires, wizards, and monsters all at Clips Ahoy.

Just click on the categories or browse through the pages of general Halloween clip art until you find what you're looking for. More

Free Halloween Clipart at Clipart Graphics

An owl flying
Free Clip Art Now

Clipart Graphics has a nicely organized group of free Halloween clip art.

Browse through categories of bats, demons, ghosts, spiders, costumes, grim reapers, vampires and more to find just what you're looking for. More

School Clip Art's Halloween Clip Art

"Happy Halloween" in black and white
School Clip Art

You'll find some very cute black and white Halloween clip art images at School Clip Art.

These are some great images that kids will really like. You could even add them to a project and have your child color them in. More