Free GIF Makers

Create Your Own Animated GIFS

These free GIF makers will let you create an animated GIF from images or videos that you can then share with everyone you know.

If you're unfamiliar with an animated GIF, it's a series of still images that are cycled through to create an animation. Creating one using a free GIF maker is a fun and quick project that you can use for dozens of applications.

Some of the free GIF makers below are downloadable and others are online programs. They all are however free and will create you an animated GIF in a matter of minutes.

You can use a free online photo editor, free photo editing app, or free photo resizer to make changes to images before you convert them into a GIF.

Make A GIF

Screenshot of Make A GIF
Make A GIF.

Make A GIF lets you create a GIF from multiple images, a video, your webcam, or a YouTube video.

If making a GIF from images, it’s really easy to customize the order of the photos because you can simply rearrange them via drag and drop. You can also resize all of the images at once, set a custom animation speed, and choose to make your GIF private or public before posting it to Make A Gif.

It’s also easy to produce a GIF from a video because you just have to simply choose at what point in the video to start the GIF and then decide how many seconds of it should be used.

Once created, you can save the GIF to your computer and copy its URL to find it online.

Note: If you create a free account with Make A GIF, the tiny watermark will not display at the bottom of GIFs. More


Screenshot of ImgFlip

ImgFlip shows a preview of your GIF as you’re creating it, which is very helpful. You can make a GIF from images, a video URL, or a video you upload yourself.

The animation delay, photo order, width, height, and quality can be altered for a GIF made with images. A GIF you create with a video has tons of custom settings such as adding text, cropping out part of the video, resizing the width, and reversing the GIF.

When finished, you can download your GIF, share it over a few social media sites, or set it as private so it’s not posted online.

Note: A watermark is displayed on a GIF if it’s made from a video (not photos). Also, several of the custom settings for creating a GIF from a video are usable only if you pay for an ImgFlip Pro account. More


Screenshot of MakeGIF

MakeGIF is another online GIF maker with lots of great features. Upload pictures from your computer or take them with a webcam to use them with MakeGIF.

Like most GIF makers, you can adjust the speed of the animations and the size of the GIF. But MakeGIF has some other features, too, such as adding text or brush strokes to any or all frames, cropping the images, and setting a specific delay time for every single photo.

Probably my favorite thing about MakeGIF is that you can add effects to the images. There’s a water reflection, waving flag, morph, blur, flip, 3D sphere, and 3D cube effect that can be applied to any picture in the GIF. 

You’ll get a link to your GIF if you choose to share it, otherwise, ​you can simply download it. More


Screenshot of Picasion, a free online GIF maker

Picasion lets you build a GIF from images you upload from your computer, ones from a URL, photos taken with a webcam, or ones imported from Picasa or Flickr. Unfortunately, though, if loading images from your computer, you can’t upload them in bulk, but instead, must choose single files at a time.

A GIF can be sized up to as large as 450 pixels wide and the animation speed can be adjusted from a fast speed to one as slow as 10 seconds.

Before creating the GIF, you can optionally choose to include it in Picasion’s online gallery. Once the GIF has been made, you can download it, copy a direct link to where it’s hosted online, share it over a few social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, or email it to a friend. More


Screenshot of GIFPAL

GIFPAL is an amazing online GIF maker. Your GIF is played automatically as you make changes so you can clearly see how it will appear when you’re finished. Rearranging pictures is super easy and you can even turn off the watermark.

Photos from a webcam or your computer can be uploaded to GIFPAL. Once added to the site, you can add text, use a drawing tool, apply one of the dozens of image effects, flip the image, add a couple different shapes, and manipulate the brightness, hue, contrast, and saturation. 

Once you’ve edited a particular frame, you can add it to the GIF timeline by clicking the small camera button. Up to 24 frames can be used to build a GIF with GIFPAL.

Before you’re finished, you can optionally reverse the frames to run the GIF backward, change the quality of the images, and adjust the animation speed.

GIFPAL lets you download your GIF, display it in its public gallery, and share it over Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook. More


Screenshot of GifGear

GifGear is a free GIF maker with some unique tools. You can add images via a URL, from your computer, or with a webcam, and any of the images can be reordered by simply dragging and dropping them.

GifGear lets you resize the GIF to a particular width and height as well as add shapes like bubbles and stars to your images. You can also add one of several effects between frames, such as a fade, shift, overlay, blinds, or pixelation effect. These effects define how the next picture in the GIF will appear.

Each image can have a custom frame duration, which means one can display for up to 10 seconds while another photo can appear for just 1 second.

When you’re done, you can download your GIF as well as upload it to GifGear for sharing it with others. More


Screenshot of GIMP

GIMP is an image editing program you must download to your computer to use. It's perfect for making GIFs because you can use some really great editing tools to perfect your images before building them into an animated GIF.

Begin by choosing File > Open as Layers and selecting all the pictures you want to use for the GIF. You can edit your images at this point or continue on to create the GIF as the photos currently are.

Next, go to Filters > Animation > Playback and play the animation to see how the GIF looks. If needed, you can change the entire canvas size or scale the image from the Image menu.

When ready to create the GIF, just go to File > Export As, and choose GIF image as the file type. Before the images are exported, you can choose to disable the continual loop and also change the time delay time between frames. More


Screenshot of GiftedMotion

GiftedMotion is another program you must download to your computer to use. However, it's different than GIMP in that you don't need to install it to use it and it's not complicated in the slightest.

After you load in the images you want to use, you can adjust their order and frame delay. You can also resize the entire GIF and position the images exactly how you want them to appear, both using drag and drop.

You can't, however, adjust the images to a specific pixel size like most of the other GIF makers in this list.

Just click the record button to save the images as an animated GIF file. More


Screenshot of is another online GIF creator. It’s a little strange to use because all the tools are on separate pages, but it actually isn’t hard to use.

You can crop the images, resize the whole GIF, optimize the frames, reverse the photos, flip or rotate the GIF to a particular angle, alter the speed, split the GIF back into its original images, and add text.

There’s also a grayscale, sepia, and monochrome effect you can apply to the entire GIF.

The changes you make to your GIF appear below the settings, and if you like it, you can save it, else just remove the change and then click the top Apply! button again. also has a free video to GIF converter if you’d rather not use images. More

10’s Gif Maker

Screenshot of's Gif Maker's Gif Maker.

Like most of the other GIF creators in this list,’s Gif Maker is an online GIF maker that lets you upload more than one image at once from your computer, and you can rearrange the images however you like.

Apart from the standard settings like altering the GIFs size and frame interval time,’s Gif Maker can also add an effect to the whole GIF, such as animated hearts, a border, or make it black and white. 

You can also disable image cycling, which means once the last picture has displayed in the GIF, it will stop animating until you open it again.

When finished, you can save it to your computer as well as submit it to an online gallery and view its URL for sharing. More


Screenshot of the GIF maker AnimateGIF

AnimateGIF is a completely portable program that’s less than 2 MB in size, which is ideal considering it’s a very simple and easy program to use.

Just drag and drop the pictures you want to use for the GIF directly into the program, and then optionally disable the GIFs ability to loop back to the beginning, change the frame delay, and adjust the quality of the GIF.

Note: AnimateGIF seemed to take considerably longer to produce a GIF than any other program or website in this list. More


Screenshot of

If you’re looking for a super quick way to create a GIF free from extra settings, watermarks, or anything else distracting, is a nice choice.

Photos can be added by their URL, from your computer, or by importing them from Flickr, Picasa, or Facebook. If uploading from your computer, you unfortunately can add just one photo at a time.

Then just choose the image size and animation speed before creating the GIF. You can define exact settings for these two options or choose one of the presets.

Your GIF will be uploaded and saved to so you can share it with others, but you have the option to exclude it from the public gallery to keep it private. More

Viscomsoft's Free Online GIF Collage

Screenshot of Viscomsoft's free online GIF collage maker
Viscomsoft's Free Online GIF Collage.

This GIF maker is different than most of the others in this list because the animation staggers your pictures and places them on top of each other to create a 3D feel.

Just upload the images you want to use, optionally select a frame, and then choose the GIFs frame rate, its width and height, and whether you want the background transparent or a specific color.

You can also publish your GIF to the Viscomsoft website if you’d like, after which you’ll receive the URL for viewing it online. More

Animated GIF Maker

Screenshot of Animated GIF Maker
Animated GIF Maker.

Animated GIF Maker begins by asking you to choose the speed of the animation and how to resize all the images you’ll upload. You can select a custom size and speed or choose a preset one. 

You can upload more than photo at once to Animated GIF Maker, which is certainly quicker than some of these other GIF makers that allow just one image to be uploaded.

Once all your pictures have been uploaded, you can change their order and choose how long the photo should show before moving to the next one in the GIF.

Your GIF will display on screen at this point, and you can download it to your computer or edit it again to change the size and other settings. More


Screenshot of can make a GIF from PNG, GIF, and JPG files. A live preview is shown as you’re creating the GIF so you know exactly what it will look like.

In addition to altering the speed of the animation and the GIF’s canvas size, you can even overlay a video’s audio into the GIF. More


Screenshot of

You can create a GIF from photos and videos uploaded from your computer or taken with a webcam by using

The website is intuitive enough that you can move the menus around and slide the uploaded images in any order you want. 

If you click on an image you’ve uploaded, you can edit it using some basic color manipulation and image effect tools before you finish building the GIF. You can ,  also of course, change the whole GIF’s width, height, and frame delay.

Note: A small watermark is placed on all GIFs made using More