Free Fish Clip Art

The Best Places to Download Fish Clip Art for Free

If you're looking for free fish clip art, I've put together a list that will take you to the best websites where you can download high-quality fish clip art all for free.

No matter what type of project you're working on, this list is sure to get you that perfect fish clip art image. If you're looking for clip art of real fishes, you'll find fish clip art of clownfish, lionfish, salmon, sharks, dolphins, angelfish, marlin, tuna, blow fish, puffer fish, craw fish, sword fish, and many other different types of fish.

There are also free fish clip art pictures of fish that don't really exist, but they'll sure stretch your imagination.There are even a few silly pictures of fish that might be just what you're looking for.

You'll find even more free clip art here including butterfly clip art, flower clip art, and many more images for all of your projects.

Free Fish Clip Art at Free Clip Art Store

Free Fish Clip Art

Free Clip Art Store is a website with many different animal clip art that are freely available to download.

Fish Clip Art is one section that has a couple pages of free fish clip art. You can right-click any image to save it to your computer. More

Clker's Free Fish Clip Art

Free Fish Clip Art
© Clker

Clker has a ton of free fish clip art.

You'll find blue fish, gold fish, salmon, orca, crawfish, and many other types that are free to download.

There are a few options for each free fish clip art like how large you want the downloaded image to be. More

Free Fish Clip Art at Classroom Clipart

A goldfish swimming in a fish bowl.
Classroom Clipart

Classroom Clipart has several pages of free fish clip art. There are puffer fish, shark, tuna, and flying fish among many other types.

There are different file types you can download the free fish clip art as, but JPG file downloads are the only free option. More

Open Clipart's Free Fish Clip Art

A yellow and white striped fish.
Open Clipart

Open Clipart has a whopping 20 pages of free fish clip art and you can find just about any fish, real or fictional, here.

If you're looking for a certain type of fish use the search bar at Open Clipart and you'll be able to search that way as well. More

eDigg's Free Fish Clip Art

A black and orange Angel fish.

eDigg has free clip art under many categories, with fish clip art being one of them.

You'll find angelfish, brown fish, marlin, tuna, and others that you can freely download. There are instructions for how to download the free fish clip art below every image. More

Free Fish Clip Art from Ibytemedia

A skeleton of a fish.

Ibytemedia has a one page list of a variety of free fish clip art. You can find fish bones, gold fish, blow fish, and others.

Just right-click on the fish clip art to save them to your computer. More

Free Fish Clip Art from All-Free-Download

Free Fish Clip Art

All-Free-Download has a few pages of free fish clip art.

Every image is downloaded as a ZIP file with a small, medium, and large size of the fish clip art so you can have all sizes. More

Ace-Clipart's Free Fish Clip Art

Free Fish Clip Art

Ace-Clipart has free fish clip art that consists mainly of fish action shots.

There are two pages of clip art like a swordfish, a rowing fish, and a boy riding a fish.

Each can be downloaded by right-clicking on the image to save it. More