34 Free English Games

Test Your Knowledge With These Free Online English Games

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Once you have a grasp of the English language, play some of these free English games to test what you've learned. There are plenty of easy games for kids and newcomers to the language, as well as harder games for the more experienced.

If you find these games too difficult, maybe you're not quite ready to test yourself. Check out these free English lessons and free English worksheets, and then return to these games to see what you've learned.

You'll also want to check out this list of free language learning apps for several free applications you can use on your mobile device to learn English while on the go, or these free language learning websites to use at home or work.

Easier English Games

These free English games lean more toward the easier side to test what you know about the English language. Some are audio or text and others include both to test what you know about letters, numbers, verbs, and more.

The ABC's Zoo - The sounds and graphics makes this game fun for toddlers and infants. They can choose any letter out of the alphabet to be given an animal that starts with that letter.

Colors - Listen to a color and then click the same color on the screen to practice comprehending basic English words.

SpeedBalls - Choose a category and a game speed, and then drag and drop the images onto their English word. Categories include clothes, colors, verbs, sports, garden, furniture, body, adjectives, numbers, and more.

Word Search - Practice spelling English words by finding the listed words in this word search game.

Fast Hands - Listen and/or read the given words and then choose the picture it's describing. There are lots of different categories you can pick from, and you can vary the speed between fast and slow.

Basketball - Complete the sentences by choosing the basketball at the basket with the right word.

How Much - Practice listening and reading dollar amounts in this game by selecting the dollar amount that each fruit costs.

Numbers - You're given four numbers each round, and you must listen to the spoken number and match it with one of the numbers on the screen. The faster you make the connection, the more points you get and better odds that you'll reach the high score list.

Compare - Complete these sentences by choosing the proper comparative word or phrase.

Learn to Spell - Match the first two letters with the remaining letters of the pictures you see.

Quiz - Fill in the blank with the multiple choice answers. You can get help by choosing the 50/50 button to remove two wrong answers, as well as add more time to your clock.

Crossword Puzzle - This is an easy crossword puzzle that helps you spell words and show their letter association, but without being too difficult.

Numbers - This is both a numbers and memory game to help you associate the English word for each number, but you must also remember where each number is located to find its matching pair.

Animals - Play either the text or audio version of this game, which has you match the text or audio on the screen with one of three animal pictures.

Present Tense - Read different profiles for people and answer the questions about them by clicking words to form whole sentences.

Verbs - This game is a bit like the animals game above, which has you either read a verb or listen to it, and then choose the picture that matches the verb. You can learn the verbs before you play.

How Old Are You - Listen to sentences read in English about ages, and then drag and drop the missing words into the incomplete sentence to move to the next round.

More Difficult English Games

Maybe the games from above are too easy for you, or you want more of a challenge. Following are some more free online English games, but they're a bit harder to complete.

Koala Paddleboards - Compete against the computer in this fast-paced spelling game. The faster you type the spoken words, the quicker your koala can make it across the water and win the game.

Spelloween - Quickly decide which of the two words are correctly spelled before the time runs out.

Grammar Ninja - Answer the various questions about grammar, such as finding the verbs and nouns in sentences. You can play as a beginner, skilled, or master for more difficult questions.

Adding Numbers - Learn numbers 1-12 in English, and then add them to each other and pick the sum from the list.

Conjunction - Choose the right conjunction to complete the sentences. This works by having you select the floating bubble that contains the correct word.

Reading - This the passage and answer the multiple choice questions.

Present Tense - Form sentences from the given words to answer the question about each story.

Clock - Read the text to understand the time, and then choose the clock that's displaying the correct time.

Spell Off - Spell as many words as you can before the clock runs down. You can turn sound on or off to make it easier or more difficult.

Word Scramble - Collect as many points as you can in this game by unscrambling the English words before the time runs out.

Hangman - Guess the letters of the English word in this game of hangman. Words can be part of categories like jobs, transport, animal parts, nature, computer, food, and colors.

Concentration - Uncover and memorize each tile, and then match the colors with their English word.

Bubble Shooter - Shoot letters into other letters to form words, but be careful not to make too may mistakes, else the board will fill up with too many letters.

Vocabulary.com - Test your English vocabulary with this interactive multiple choice text.

Likes - This fast-paced game tests your skills of listening and understanding English words regarding food. It will tell you something like "I love bananas," and you'll need to find the banana, and then shoot it toward the photo of a heart to create the association that you love bananas.

Flip Words - Guess the phrase to win the game. To get clues to the phrase, you can form words in the word scramble.

MES Games - There are lots of categories of games tied up in this one interactive game. You can test your English vocabulary, spelling, and more through timed games, shooting games, and memory games.