Free Credit Report & Credit Score Scams

Picture of a man and woman looking concerned while holding a credit card
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Free credit report scams and free credit score scams are one of the most common freebie scams out there and you should be aware of how they work so you can avoid them.

There are many scams and tricks out there that will charge you for the "free" report or score. Here are some tips to make sure you get a free and legitimate copy of your credit report and a valid credit score.

Request a Legitimate Free Credit Report

There's only one service that's authorized by the federal government to give you a free credit report, AnnualCreditReport.

You can request a free credit report from their website, by phone, or mail in a request form.

If you go through this service you will get a free credit report with no strings attached.

Here's my complete guide to getting a legitimate free credit report including tips on how to read your report, what to do if you find an error, and information about how often you can request one.

Request a Legitimate Free Credit Score

There is no federal government endorsed website to get your free credit score but I have a list of places where you can request a legitimate free credit score.

It's important when you request a free credit score that you never provide a credit card number during the process, even if it's for a free trial.

Never Provide a Credit Card Number

It should raise a huge red flag if you're asked for a credit card number when you are requesting a "free" credit report or score.

The only reason they'll need your credit card number is so they can charge you money.

The free credit report and score scams will tell you that this is for a small processing fee, to sign you up for a free trial, or they need to have it on file to process your order. You should stay away from all of these situations.

Don't Click on Free Credit Report and Score Links or Ads

If you receive an email about a free credit report and score or see an advertisement on a website for one, you should not click on them.

These are most likely free credit report and score scams.

If you follow these few key rules you should be able to avoid free credit report and score scams.