Free Craft Projects and Classes at Michaels' The Knack

Screenshot of Michaels' The Knack website
Michaels' The Knack.

Michaels' The Knack is a free club for kids sponsored by Michaels craft stores. As members of the The Knack, kids will get access to freebies, coupons and free craft classes.

Michaels also has free in-store events for adults!

Looking for more free classes for kids? Find out where you can go to find free classes for kids in your area.

Types of Freebies Available From Michaels' The Knack:

When you become a member of Michaels' The Knack, you'll get access to coupons, craft projects, coloring pages and a class schedule of free craft classes for kids at Michaels.

The free craft classes at Michaels ranges from projects like gifts, holiday decorations, cards, totes, flower arrangements and food decorating. No matter what your child is interested in, they're sure to find a Michaels' The Knack class that interests them.

How to Attend a Class Given by Michaels' The Knack:

Visit Michaels Store Events scroll down to see all the events that will be happening at Michaels this month. The events that have "The Knack" logo beside them are the free classes for kids.

Beside the class it will have details of the event including the date, time and location of the event. There will also be a description of the craft project your child will create at this event as well as what supplies are provided and any supplies you'll need to bring. While all The Knack classes are free, sometimes an event will require a purchase to be made. If this is the case, it will be stated in the details on the website.

You don't need to register for The Knack craft classes, just show up at the time the event is set to begin.

How To Get Online Freebies and Coupons From Michaels' The Knack:

When you join Michaels The Knack, you'll get a free 40% off coupon for a regular priced product at Michaels emailed to you after you sign up.

Once you're a member of Michaels The Knack and are logged in, you'll have access to over 500 project ideas for kids which can be accessed by clicking the Project Ideas tab. Each project has a materials list, directions, a color picture, tips, age recommendations, time allowance, messy rating and user rating.

Click the Coloring / Printables link to view over 300 coloring pages and other printable crafts.

Limits to Be Aware Of:

Michaels The Knack is limited to parents of children Pre-K and up. Teachers have the opportunity to join The Knack Faculty program.

How Your Information Is Used:

Michaels does not sell or rent any of your personal information to third parties. You can read Michaels complete privacy policy for more information.