Free Classes for Kids and In-Store Activities

9 Places That Have Free Classes for Kids and More

Free classes for kids can help keep a bored child occupied while learning how to make something new.

This list of free classes for kids includes building classes for kids, as well as craft classes for kids, that are full of fun projects that they'll have a great time creating.

There are enough free classes for kids here that your child could be going to a free class every weekend!

Home Depot Building Classes for Kids

Classes for Kids
Photo © Home Depot Kids Workshop

Home Depot also has free classes for kids called Home Depot Kids Workshop that happens the first Saturday of every month.

The classes for kids at Home Depot in the past have been on how to build a race car, mail organizer, picture frame, and planter.

The classes for kids at Home Depot are free and also include an orange apron and an achievement pin. More

Michaels' Craft Classes for Kids

© Michaels'

Michaels' craft stores host free craft classes for kids several times a month on the weekend and sometimes even have week long events before big holidays.

The classes for kids at Michaels' include all kinds of craft projects that usually center around a holiday or season. More

Toys R Us Free Activities for Kids

Free Classes for Kids
Photo: Tim Boyle/Staff / Getty Images

Toys R Us hosts a few free activities for kids every month at the stores.

These free activities range from craft projects, parades and Lego camps. They also a lot of times have freebies or giveaways at the special events and classes. More

Disney Store Free Events for Kids

Free Classes for Kids
© Disney Store

The Disney Store has some really fun in-store events that take place a few times a month in each of their stores.

Find out how you can take your children in to a Disney Store event where there's free gifts, songs, and stories. More

Pottery Barn Free Classes for Kids

Pottery Barn Kids
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Pottery Barn Kids stores host free classes for kids almost every weekend at their stores along with a weekly free story time for kids of all ages.

These free classes for kids at Pottery Barn often including a special craft, readings from popular children's books, and sometimes giveaways. More

Lego Stores Free Events for Kids

© Lego Stores

Each month Lego Stores have free events for kids where the kids get to come in and build a mini model.

After they've built the mini model, they get to take it home for free. More

Lakeshore Learning Center Classes for Kids

Screenshot of the Lakeshore Learning website
© Lakeshore Learning Materials

The Lakeshore Learning Center classes for kids are arts and crafts classes where children of all ages get to stop by a Lakeshore Learning Center and take part in a simple but fun craft.

The Lakeshore Learning Center classes for kids are free of charge and happen each and every Saturday. More