35 Free Christmas Word Search Puzzles

A List of Online and Printable Christmas Word Search Puzzles

Kids and adults alike will love these Christmas word search puzzles! They're fun and educational because they help strengthen vocabulary and spelling.

I've divided this list of Christmas word search puzzles into three levels - printable puzzles that are easy (15 hidden words or less), medium (16-30 words), and challenging (31 words or more to find). I've also included a recommended grade level for each puzzle category.

At the bottom of the list, you'll find some online Christmas word searches. These can be completed online without having to print out anything.

If you don't find quite what you're looking for, you can create your own Christmas word search puzzle or complete a winter word search puzzle. There are also bible word search puzzles, holiday word searches, and all kinds of other word searches you might like.

Be sure to check out my other Christmas freebies including Christmas worksheets for kids and Christmas coloring sheets for kids. So much Christmas fun for free!

Easy Printable Christmas Word Search Puzzles

A young girl writing while wearing a Santa hat.
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These Christmas word search puzzles are all printable and contain 15 or less hidden words. These puzzles are great for children in grades 1-3.

  1. Christmas Word Search: There are 6 words hiding in this easy Christmas word search puzzle.
  2. Advanced Christmas Word Search: This Christmas word search puzzle isn't too advanced with only 6 words that need to be found.
  3. Easy Peasy Christmas Word Search: Find 7 words in this cheerful green and red Christmas word search puzzle.
  4. Santa's Reindeer Word Search Puzzle: The kids will love finding the names of Santa's reindeer in this 9 word Christmas word search puzzle.
  5. Christmas Snowman Word Search: Kids can color the snowman after they've finished this 10 word Christmas word search puzzle.
  6. Christmas Personalities Word Search Puzzle: Kids will need to find 10 famous Christmas personalities in this puzzle.
  7. Christmas Santa Word Search: Santa is holding up a 10 word Christmas word search puzzle.
  8. Christmas Gifts Word Search: Find all the Christmas gift words and you'll solve this 12 word Christmas word search.
  9. All About Santa Word Search: Find 12 Santa related words to complete this word search puzzle.
  10. The Twelve Days of Christmas Word Search Puzzle: Another Christmas word search puzzle where you'll need to find 12 hidden words.
  11. Christmas Word Search for the Kids: This Christmas word search puzzle is barely easy with 15 words to find.
  12. Christmas Tree Shaped Word Search Puzzle: This 15 word Christmas word search is in the shape of a Christmas tree.
  13. Stocking Chrsitmas Word Search: A stocking decorates this word search puzzle that has 15 hidden words.

Medium Level Printable Christmas Word Search Puzzles

A boy writing a letter at Christmas time.
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The Christmas word search puzzles below are all considered a medium level of difficulty with having between 16-30 words that need to be found. I recommend these puzzles for kids in grades 4-5.

  1. Christmas Decor Challenge Word Search: The 16 hidden words in this Christmas word search are all about Christmas decor.
  2. Christmas Treats Challenge Word Search: There are 16 words that have to do with Christmas treats in this puzzle.
  3. Christmas Tree Printable Christmas Word Search: Find 16 words in this Christmas tree shaped word search puzzle.
  4. Dickens' A Christmas Carol: There are 18 hidden words in this Christmas word search all about A Christmas Carol. There's also a few trivia questions at the bottom.
  5. Santa's Reindeer's Names: This word search puzzle has 18 hidden words including all the names of Santa's reindeer.
  6. Big Christmas Word Search Puzzle: This is a huge Christmas word search that has 19 words that need to be found.
  7. Super Hard Christmas Word Search: There are only 19 words to find in this Christmas word search puzzle but there are a lot of places to look.
  8. Santa's Reindeer Word Search: You'll need to find 22 hidden words to solve this Christmas word search.
  9. Christmas Tree Word Search Puzzle: This Christmas word search puzzle contains 23 words and is all about the Christmas tree.
  10. Music of the Christmas Season Word Search: Solve this Christmas word search by finding all 23 hidden Christmas song titles.
  11. Getting Ready for Christmas Word Search: You'll have to find 24 words in this Christmas word search.
  12. Brownielock's Christmas Carols Word Find Puzzle: Find the titles of 26 Christmas tunes to solve this Christmas word search.
  13. His Birth Word Search Puzzle: This Christmas word search is in the shape of a star and has 27 words to find.
  14. Christmas Word Search: Find the 27 Christmas words in this colorful puzzle.
  15. Baking Christmas Cookies-Word Search: Find 30 hidden words about baking cookies in this Christmas word search puzzle.

Challenging Printable Christmas Word Search Puzzles

Siblings writing Christmas cards
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If you're looking for a challenging printable Christmas words search then these are it! You'll need to find more than 31 hidden words. I recommend these for grades 6 and up. They're great for adults too!

  1. Christmas Decorations: There are 33 Christmas decoration words in this word search puzzle.
  2. Santa Claus Christmas Word Search: There are 38 jolly words hidden in this word search puzzle all about Santa.
  3. Printable Christmas Word Search Puzzle: Find 41 words before you can claim victory with this printable Christmas word search.
  4. Frosty the Snowman Word Search: This is a tough Christmas word search puzzle with 42 words related to Frosty the Snowman.

Online Christmas Word Search Puzzles

A boy using a tablet at Christmas time.
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These Christmas word search puzzles can be completed online.

  1. Online Christmas Word Search: Use the text and picture clues to help you find 15 hidden words.
  2. Santa's Workshop Online Word Search: There are 15 words to be found in this online Christmas word search puzzle.
  3. Christmas Word Search Game: Find 30 hidden holiday words in this large online puzzle. You can time yourself and get hints if needed.