Best Places to Get Your Business News Online - Free!

Free News Aggregators and News Sources to Keep Your Competitive Edge

Why is staying up-to-date on news and business information so important? To be competitive and keep your own business perspective fresh you need to know what is going on in the business world and what your competition is up to!

Here are a few of the best places to get your online business and financial news.


Another no frills, web news site that makes a great news home page. The site lists links in one convenient location to just about any major news source you can think of. Save yourself the trouble of bookmarks and entering URLs by simple clicking on your favorite news links. Choose from free membership or a paid subscription to add a few bells and whistles.

A Few Downsides: The free version does not show leaders. Another pet peeve is links open in the same browser so you cannot view multiple websites at once. Still, this is a great site for a quick list of news sites at a glance. Be careful with the free trial version - if you do not cancel your credit card will automatically be charged for a one-year subscription. More

Google Alerts

Google Alerts
Google Alerts. Google

Google Alerts is not so much a news aggregator as a news announcement tool that can be a valuable tool for micromanaging your news. You must have a Google account, but sign up is free. You choose keywords (i.e., women in business,

What I Love Most About Google Alerts: You can fine tune alerts based on current news headlines and have them delivered to your email. Google is fast to pick up news and information from websites and blogs so you can keep an eye on your competitors. More

News on Women

News on Women. News on Women

A simple, but powerful blog offering news about women and of interest to women in business. You can also submit your own women-owned business news.

What I Love About News on Women: There are many news sites for women, but this one does not have popup ads flashing in your face. Fluff-free and filled with wonderful diversity that makes me feel connected to all business women. More


PopUrls News Aggregator. PopUrls

It is a fabulous news aggregator that combines the top headlines and additions to the most popular online news and information sources. If you are looking for a one-page, no frills, news aggregator that displays everything from YoutTube to Flikr, to Google and Yahoo, to all your favorite social sites you want

What I Love Most About PopUrls: Aside from covering all the major news, social, and v-sites, there are no installs, no downloads, no sign-ups, and no pop-ups. Makes a great browser home page without intruding into your visual space. More

Don't Operate Your Business in a Bubble

You may think the only important news to stay on top of is what is happening within your own business or industry -- nothing could be further from the truth. News from one industry often affects other industies (i.e., gas prices rise followed by an increase in the cost of trucked goods.) Be a savvy business owner and keep in touch with the world outside your own little corner.