Free Birdhouse Plans You Can Build Right Now

A List of the Best Free Bird House Plans and Patterns Online

Picture of a man and boy building a bird house
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These free birdhouse plans include everything you need to build a birdhouse for your yard. You'll find detailed instructions, diagrams, photos, and materials and supplies lists. Some of the plans even include videos and user tips.

Building a birdhouse is a great beginner project but more details can make it a great project for a more advanced woodworker. Even children can handle a simple birdhouse plan with a little adult assistance.

Choosing a Free Bird House Plan

Before you choose a free bird house plan you'll want to decide where you're going to put the finished house. This will help you decide what type (tree, hanging, pole, etc.) and size of bird house you should choose.

Some bird houses are better than others for certain types of birds. Choose a plan with an entrance hole size that makes sense and is a size that allows the birds plenty of room to nest.

The Free Bird House Plans

Here are the free bird house plans. You'll find everything from simple bird houses to more advanced homes. Be sure to click on each of the links to find instructions, diagrams, and photos.

Basic Birdhouse Plan - Here's a free bird house plan that's great for the beginner woodworker or those looking for a quick project.

One-Board DIY Birdhouse - This is an incredibly easy bird house plan that uses just one pine board to make.

Backyard Birdhouse Plan - Here's a very cool looking free birdhouse plan that will make your backyard birds feel like royalty.

Modern Birdhouse Plan - This modern looking birdhouse uses only half a cedar fence picket to create.

Hanging DIY Birdhouse Plan - This pine birdhouse hangs from a chain that you can hang from a tree or structure.

Red Church Bird House Plan - This plan will build you a bright red church for your birds.

Pole Birdhouse Plan - Use this free plan to build a simple bird house atop a pole that you can put into the ground.

Bird's Nesting Box - Here's a plan for a nesting box that will keep your backyard birds cozy all winter.

Nesting Box Free Plan - Here's a beginner bird house plan that encourages you to change the plan as needed for your space.

License Plate Birdhouse - Most of this bird house is built with wood, but a metal license plate makes up the roof.

Simple Bird House Plan - This plan will get you a very simple and straight forward birdhouse that can be nailed to a tree or post.

Green Roof Bird House Plan - Wrens and chickadees will especially love this bird house that you can grow plants and flowers on top of.

DIY Bluebird House - This bird house plan features a great design that can be put together in an afternoon.

Nesting Shelf Birdhouse Plan - Here's a birdhouse plan that includes a shelf where the birds can build their nest.

Teacup Bird House - No, this isn't a bird house made out a tea cup, it's a wooden bird house in the shape of a tea cup.

Whimsical Birdhouse Plan - You really have to check out this free birdhouse plan, it's truly a piece of functional art.

Side Mounted Birdhouse Plan - Here's a plan for a bird house that you can mount from the side with the entrance hole on either the left or right.

The Tall Texan Birdhouse Plan - This Tall Texan bird house plan will be sure to attract a lot of birds this spring.

More Free Woodworking Plans

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